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[Wilbur's POV]

"Hey Wil. Where's Techno?" Phil asked as Wilbur walked into the kitchen.

Okay. Play it cool.

"Oh, uh, I think he went to get his sword or something," Wilbur said and casually sat down at the island.

"Okay... he didn't go outside. Did he?" Phil questioned.

"No, he went upstairs."

"Okay, good. I don't want either of you going out there alone." Phil started talking to Puffy again.

Yup. Wilbur is going to be in so much trouble when Techno gets back.

Puffy looked suspiciously between Wilbur and Phil. This made Wilbur quite nervous. Puffy always seemed to have more experience in parenting than Phil.

Maybe she can see through his lies?

No, she can't. Unless...

No. Everything's fine.

She doesn't know and she's not going to ask abou-

"Wilbur, where did Techno really go? You should know you can't slip lies past Papa Puffy," Puffy asked Wilbur.

Shit. She knows.

"Like I told you. He went to go find his sword," Wilbur nervously rubbed the sweat off the back of his neck.

"Okay. And where did he go exactly?"

Oh shit. What was the lie again?

He went to the attic? Basement? Yeah basement. Right?

Wilbur's internal panic only raised as he nervously replied, "uh, the basement?"

"Really? I thought you said he went upstairs?" Puffy questioned knowing exactly what Wilbur was trying to do.

"Well, I'm not sure. He just walked towards the stairs when I came into the kitchen so he could have gone to the basement."

"Right....." Puffy gave a certain parent look to Phil who gave the same look back.

Wilbur silently exhaled in relief that Puffy didn't catch onto anything. Or so he thought.

"Wilbur," Phil started.

Wilbur nervously looked to his dad, "yeah?"

"If you tell me where Techno really is, I'll let you go that concert you've been wanting to go to next weekend."

Damn it.

Techno will be fine. Right?

Phil won't be that mad...

"He went to look for Tommy."

"HE WHAT?! ALONE?" Phil exclaimed as his feathers ruffled.

"I made him wear a jacket! I'm sure he's fine!"

"Shit! Okay I'm going after him. Puffy could you please watch over Wilbur?"

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