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[Tommy POV]

What the fuck?

Tommy looked around the unfamiliar room he woke up in.

He quickly got out of the bed and ran to the door.

Tommy walked out and looked around.

"Oh, you're awake! How are you feeling?" A voice came from his right.

Not far down the hall was an avian dressed in green and white with a bucket hat on his head.

He walked towards Tommy so he backed away from the man until he was by the wall.

The hallway only had one exit and the man was blocking it.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, mate. I just want to ask you a couple things," He said in a calming voice and smiled.

Tommy does not like it....

He looked around for someway to get around the man.

Once he got close enough, Tommy darted to the left and tried to run past him.


The man, somehow gently, grabbed Tommy's arm pulling him back.

"Calm down! I don't wan-"

Tommy, instinctively, jabbed his teeth into the arm that was grabbing his and ran as soon as said arm let go.

"OW! What the? Wait, kid!"

He ran towards the stairs until another kid walked out of a nearby door.

"Dad? What's wr- oh, your awake."


"Don't let him get past you!" The man had said from behind Tommy.

The kid reached out for him.

"Wait! Don't! He's a bit-"

"OW- WHAT THE FUCK!?!" Said kid yelled as he held his hand.

"-er..." The man finished.

Tommy ran past them while they were distracted and down the stairs.

They were right behind Tommy.

"Techno!" One called.

He saw the front door and practically jumped for it.

Just before he could open it something grabbed him again.

Immediately, he bit whatever was grabbing him, but this time, it didn't let go. Causing Tommy bite deeper.

Why isn't it working? That always works!

"Your biting won't effect me, kid."

He stopped biting and looked up at the figure.

A piglin hybrid with long pink hair, glasses, and blood red eyes, was holding onto Tommy's wrists.

He looked pretty mad...

Tears started to form in Tommy's eyes, of which he refused to let go, as he struggled to get out of his grasp.

The grip tightened on his wrists.

"Stop struggling. I'm not letting go."

But Tommy didn't stop resisting.

"Kid. Don-"

Tommy kicked him in the gut. The kid let go of one arm to grab the possibly bruied stomach, but still had good grip on the other.

In one quick move, the kid knocked both legs out from under Tommy and he fell to the ground.

The pinkette knelt in front him and said in a monotone voice, "Look. I'm not letting go until you cooperate with me. We were not going to hurt you before and we sure as hell aren't going to now. So calm down."

The tears started streaming down Tommy's face as he attempted to glare at this kid.

The kid took a deep breath and let go of Tommy's wrists.

Tommy quickly retracted both arms back towards himself before the kid could grab one again.

The older rested his hands onto Tommy's shoulders. Making the younger tense up more.

Tommy felt like he couldn't breathe.

"It's okay.... I know I was rough, grabbing you and all, which I apologize for, but you need to calm down.... count down from ten with me, okay? Can you do that?"

Tommy nodded slowly.

"Okay. 10.... 9.... 8...." The kid began and Tommy mumbled along.

"-3.... 2.... 1.... good job, kid. You feel better now?"

Tommy's adrenalin calmed down a bit and he wasn't as tense.

"You wanna talk with us no-"

"Techno! You caught him!" That tall kid from earlier came around the corner. The man was behind him.

I tensed up again, not as bad as before but still none-the-less.

The pinkette glared at them and the man pulled the kid out of the room.

"You ready to talk? I promise we won't do anything."

"Uh....... sure I guess...." Tommy hesitantly mumbled.

"Great. What's your name, kid?" He asked, standing up and offering Tommy his hand.

"...uh Tommy..." The younger took the hand cautiously.

"Okay, well I'm techno," The kid pulled Tommy up, "Let's talk with the others okay?"



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