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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy woke up in Wilbur's bed.

Wilbur was hugging Tommy as if he were a child again with a stuffed bear.

Tommy tried to wiggle his way out of Wilbur's grip, but only woke him up in the process.

"Toms?" Wilbur mumbled as he adjusted his eyes by rubbing them.

"Sorry, Wil," Tommy said as he sat up in the bed.

"Its fine, Toms," Wilbur let out a small laugh.

"Wait, what time is it?" Tommy asked as he looked for his phone.

"Relax. It's saturday," Wilbur said. "Wanna head downstairs?"


Tommy went to stand up before Wilbur pulled him back and gave him another tight hug.

"AHCK! What the fuck, Wil!?" Tommy exclaimed.

"One more hug!" Wilbur complained.

"Ughhh," Tommy whined but didn't really mean it.

Wilbur eventually let go and they walked downstairs to talk to the family.

In the kitchen, Philza was drinking his coffee at the counter while Mumza and Techno sat at the table.

Tommy sat down across from Techno and Wilbur sat beside the child.

They made simple conversation as they ate breakfast.

After they were finished, Tommy caught Mumza whispering something to Techno.

Techno looked towards Tommy, causing the younger to look away.

Techno stood up and walked towards Tommy.

"Hey, Tommy?" Techno asked.

"Yeah?" Tommy looked up at his brother.

"Why don't you change into some other clothes and meet me outside, okay?" Techno suggested.

"Uh, okay? But why?" Tommy questioned as he gave a confused look.

"You'll see," He answered.

Tommy looked to Wilbur who was talking to Phil and didn't notice the conversation. He then looked to Mumza. She just smiled and gave a small nod.

"I'll see you in five minutes?" Techno placed a hand on Tommy shoulder.

Tommy nodded before Techno walked off.

Tommy stood up from his chair and started walking towards and up the stairs.

Tommy changed into some blue jeans, a plain blue t-shirt, and a red hoodie before heading back downstairs and towards the door to put his shoes on.

Tommy walked outside to see Techno examining a sword.

"Alright, I'm here. What did you want?" Tommy asked as he walked closer to him.

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