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[Tommy's POV]

"Alright, see ya, king!" Tommy said to Tubbo as they parted ways.

Tommy walked up to the front door and opened it with his spare key.

"I'm home!" He yelled as closed the door behind him. "Hello?" He called when no one responded.

Maybe it was just the quietness of the house, but the house felt almost.... sad?

Tommy walked into the living room where Techno and Wilbur were.

They weren't talking or watching TV. They were just sitting on the couch. They both had a serious look on their faces. Techno's face is normally always serious or straight but Wilbur? He looked as if he was worried? Sad? Scared even?

They looked like their parents just died in front of them or something.

Pfft- can't relate to that at all.

"Uh, did something happen or...?" Tommy asked as he set his school bag down against the wall.

Wilbur almost jumped.

"Oh, uh, Tommy. No, no, of course not! Just lost in thought is all," Wilbur said standing up.

Techno looked to Tommy then he and Wilbur shared glances before he went up to his room.

That's odd.

"What's up with him?" Tommy looked at Wilbur.

"What do you mean? That's just Techno being Techno. He's always being weird," Wilbur answered.

"But, he normally teases me or something when I come home?" Tommy asked.

Tommy wasn't complaining but, then again, he liked the brotherly act.

"I'm sure it's nothing, Toms," Wilbur reassured although he wasnt very confident.

"Uh, okay?" Tommy decided to just ignore it for right now.

Tommy walked into the kitchen and was greeted with Dadza and Mumza cooking dinner. They were talking about something, but they ceased their conversation once they noticed Tommy's presence.

"Hey, uh, did something happen? Or are Techno and Wilbur just acting weird for no reason?" Tommy asked as he sat down at the counter.

"Uh, most likely for no reason," Mumza sheepishly replied.

Tommy looked at Philza who avoided his glare by looking back to the pot of spaghetti on the stove.

"Okay, I'm not an idiot. Stop acting like there isn't something up with you guys," Tommy deadpanned.

"What do you mean?" Dadza asked.

"Wilbur being worried. Techno not teasing me. The weird vibe the house is giving off. Now you guys. What's going on?" Tommy explained.

"Its nothing. Now, could you help your mother with setting the table? Dinner's almost ready," Philza said as he added sauce to the pot and stirred it around.


A few minutes later, the table was set and Wilbur and Techno came downstairs to eat.

Everyone sat down and started eating.

The family fell into an awkward silence.

"Psst- Wilbur?" Tommy whispered as he lightly elbowed him. "What's going on?"

"Nothing is wrong, Tommy. Eat your food," Techno said before eating another forkful.

"Yeah, yeah, sure....Wilbur-"



"Tommy. Stop," Wilbur grew nervous.


"Thomas!" Phil glared.

"But- Wil-"

"MUM SAID YOU NOT DYING IS CAUSING MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH FATE AND STUFF" Wilbur blurted out, stressed from the peer pressure.

"Wha-" Tommy looked from Wilbur to the rest of the family.

"Wilbur!!!" Techno yelled.

"What!? It's about him! He deserves to know!" Wilbur argued.

Tommy put two and two together.

"Does that mean I... have to die? To set things straight?" Tommy asked with wide eyes.

"It- it would set things straight- BUT we're not gonna get that happen. Okay?" Philza mumbled, but reasured.

Tommy has to die?!

But life is great!!

He doesn't wanna die!!

"Tommy? You okay?" Mumza asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm alright," Tommy shakily reasured.

He was not alright.

He was supposed to be dead!

And it causes problems with the gods!

"Now he thinks he has to die!" Phil raised his voice slightly at Wilbur.

"He knows we aren't going to let that happen!" Wilbur yelled back.

The arguing between the two grew louder. Eventually Mumza stepped in to try to stop it but only becoming involved in it.

Tommy just sank into his chair.

They've never yelled this much before...

Well, they have, just not in front of Tommy.

They know he doesn't take yelling well.

Tommy caught sight of Techno who was staring blankly at his plate.

He must have sensed that someone was looking at him because he looked up and almost directly at Tommy.

Tommy made eye contact with Techno for about ten seconds before the older stood up.

"Everyone shut up! Can you not see how uncomfortable this is making some of us?" Techno yelled, trying to avoid more attention towards Tommy

Everyone sat down and continued eating.

The rest of dinner was completely silent.


Word Count - 777

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