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[Phil's POV]

Tommy winced as Phil dabbed the hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton ball on his knee.

"Sorry, mate," Phil apologized.

Poor kid...

He finished by puting a bandage over the cut.

"There ya go. All done!" Phil helped him off of the bathroom counter. "You can borrow some of Wilbur and Techno's  clothes until we can get you your own. I can wash your clothes for you aswell."

"Oh uh, thanks," He said shyly.

They stepped outside of the door. "Hey Wil!?! Come here for a second!!" Phil called for him.

Wil came around the corner. "Yeah?"

"Could you let Tommy borrow some of your clothes for right now?" Philza asked.

He grumbled, but looked to the kid behind his father and sighed, "Fine..."

Wil started walking down the hallway again.

"Just follow him," Phil whispered to Tommy.

[Tommy's POV]

He did what Phil said and followed Wilbur down the hall.

Wilbur walked into a room that had the door slightly opened. Tommy walked in behind him.

Wilbur walked over to a wardrobe and started looking through the drawers towards the bottom.

Tommy looked around the room. It looked like he shared it with someone else, probably Techno, because it had a messy bunk bed.

Tommy then spotted a guitar leaning against the bed. He walked over to the instrument and admired it.

"You can play this?" Tommy asked him.

He looked in Tommy's direction and answered, "uh, yeah, don't touch it."

His attention went back to the clothes. Then, Tommy heard a drawer close.

"Here. You can change in our bathroom." Wilbur handed him a small pile of neatly folded clothes and gestured toward a door on his left.

Tommy walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

He set the clothes down and looked at what Wilbur gave him.

It was yellow sweater and some black shorts.

Tommy changed out of his old, roughed up clothes and put on the new ones.

Tommy opened the door and saw Wil sitting on the bed fiddling with his guitar.

Wil looked up and tried to stifle his laugh. He set the guitar aside and walked over to Tommy.

"Let me see your hands." Tommy held up both of his hidden hands. Wilbur rolled back the sleeves that hung low.

"There. That works I guess." Tommy looked down at his now visible hands.

"Thanks Wil!" Tommy looked up at him with a big smile.

"So, what do you wanna do now?" He asked.

"Uh... can you play your guitar for me? Please!?"

"Uh, I don't know. I only ever play in front of Techno..." Wilbur rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Pretty please? With cherries on top?"

He looked at his guitar then back at Tommy. He sighed. "...fine"

"YES!!" Tommy rushed over where the guitar laid.

"Okay, calm down! Jeez," He sat down on his bed and picked up the guitar, placing it in his lap. Tommy sat beside him.

He strummed the strings and turned one of the nobs at the top.

He started strumming the strings. The sound the instrument made was very calming.

Tommy was mesmerized by Wilbur's skillful playing.

"...you wanna try?" Will asked Tommy.

"Can I?"

"Sure, but be careful," He placed the guitar in Tommy arms. It was pretty big compared to him.

He played a couple notes. Which ones? He doesn't know, but playing it is really cool!

"Not bad... now try holding this down with your left hand," he moved Tommy's hand over the cords on the neck of the instrument.

Tommy strummed again but this time it sounded different. Each time he moved his hand to a different spot, it would change the sound just slightly.

Tommy played for a couple of minutes.

"Can you play again? It sounds way better when you do it," Tommy carefully handed the guitar back to him.

"Sure," He took it and started playing again.

As the sweet sound filled the room once again, Tommy closed his eyes and slowly felt himself drift off.

[Wilbur's POV]

As he played his guitar, he felt warmth against his right arm.

Wilbur stopped playing and looked to the source. He saw Tommy, half-asleep, leaning against him.

He moved his arm to around him and set his guitar down.

Wilbur laid Tommy's head down on the pillow and grabbed his guitar. He sat on the floor by his bed.

He began playing again, quietly. He didn't want to wake the child up.

Wilbur looked at him again. He was sound asleep. He smiled slightly and went back to playing the guitar.


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