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[Tommy's POV]

"Hello, boys!" The voice said.

Techno turned around leaving  Tommy to hide behind him. Techno calmed once he saw who it was.

"Techno! I haven't seen you in forever! Come give your mother a hug!" The person said.

Tommy looked up at Techno who started walking towards the person.

They were taller than Techno by a couple inches and had long black hair and a sweet smile with a pretty black lipstick that complemented their look. They wore an elegant black dress and a black hat. They also had a pair of midnight sky colored wings behind them.

They held their arms out as Techno walked closer.

"Hi, mum," Techno greeted as he hugged her tightly.

Wait. Mom?

"You're getting tall! If you're this tall, then I'm scared to see Wilbur's height," She laughed.

Techno pulled away from the hug as she looked past him and directly at Tommy.

Tommy froze.

She walked towards him.

Tommy panicked and looked to Techno who just gave him his normal neutral look.

"Oh, no, no. It's alright! I'm not gonna hurt, little guy," she reassured Tommy. Her voice was smooth and calming. Kinda like Phil's, but better.

She knelt down to his level and held her hand out.

"I'm a friend of Techno and Phil's. I won't hurt you," she smiled.

Tommy hesitantly took her hand and she picked him up into her arms, taking Tommy by surprise.

"Ah! You're just adorable!" She cooed. "You look a lot better than the last time I saw you."

"Last time?" Techno questioned.

Last time? Wait...

"I remember a fuzzy looking thing walking up to me. After that, everything went black." (Ch. 3)

"Wait... were you the fuzzy thing I saw in the woods?" Tommy asked.

"After you tripped? Yeah, that was me!" She confirmed. "I saw you hurt and alone, so I took you to Phil's house. I put you in a box, knocked on the door, and left."

"That explains a thing or two," Techno stated as he walked closer to the two.

"Wait a minute... didn't you call her mom? Is she your mom?!" Tommy asked looking from the woman to Techno.

"Oh, yeah. Tommy, this is my mother, the Goddess of Death or otherwise know as Kristin," Techno explained.

"Tommy? Awe, that's an adorable name!" Kristin cooed again.

"Wow, Philza has a wife!? That's so poggers!! So you're, like, a.... Mumza!" Tommy excitedly exclaimed.

"Mumza?" Kristin asked.

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