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[Tommy's POV]


Tommy froze.

Why was he so scared?

Why couldn't he breathe?

Why is everything closing in?


Tommy felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Tommy? You alright? You kinda panicked..." Wilbur whispered to him.

Most of the poeple had left to the living room.

The ones who stayed were Puffy, Foolish, and.... Dream....

Tommy quickly looked back to Wilbur as soon as he saw Dream again.

"Maybe he just doesn't do well with people..." Puffy suggested.

"No. He's scared of Dream," Foolish pointed out.

"What? No! He's not scared of me! If anything, he should be scared of you!" Dream argued.

"Foolish. Dream. Stop bickering." Puffy demanded and they both were quiet.

"But he is. Watch."

The golden-looking kid walked up to Tommy and stood beside him.

"See? It's not me. Dream, you come closer now."

Dream walked closer.

Tommy instantly backed behind Wilbur.

"Dream, back up. Tommy? What's wrong? Why are scared of him?" Puffy bent down to ask.

"...I don't know?" Tommy's voice was very unsure.

"Okay, well, let's go into the other room with everyone else. C'mon Tommy," Wilbur took Tommy's hand and walked into the living room. The other 3 followed.

"Why don't you go talk to Tubbo, alright? He's right over there," Wilbur gestured to a short brunette boy.


Tommy walked over to the boy.

"Hi, I'm Tommy."

The kid stood up from the ground and waved excitedly, "Hi!! I'm Tubbo!! Wanna play hide and seek?"

"Yeah!" Tommy smiled.

"Let's go outside to play! Wait, we have to ask first."

Tubbo asked his dad, while Tommy asked Phil.

After both saying yes they started to head out.

"Wait, can I come too?" The little girl, Drista, asked.

"I dunno... are you good enough at hide and seek?" Tommy asked.

"C'mon Tommy! Let her play! She's the best at hide and seek!" Tubbo pulled on Tommy's arm.

"Really? Better than me? Bigmaninnit? Fine then, well see about that!" Tommy said in with a cocky attitude.

"Yes!!! C'mon let's go!! Tommy's counting first!!" Drista ran out of the door. The other two followed.

"Fine, I'll count. Bet I'll find both of you in, like, 30 seconds!" Tommy turned towards a tree and started counting as he heard the others run off to find hiding spots.

"27....28....29....30! Ready or not here I come!!" Tommy yelled.

Tommy looked around before running in a random direction.

After a couple minutes of fruitless searching, he heard someone talking in the distance.

He quietly crept closer to the voice.

"-en will that be?"

Drista? Who's she talking to?

"Soon, but I have to go. I'll see you around, okay?"

"Okay... bye!" Drista said but before Tommy could see the other person, they disappeared.

Drista was distracted. This was his chance.

Tommy quickly jumped out of the bushes and tackled the five year old.

"Ha! Got ya!!" Tommy yelled.

"Ughhh no fair!!" She complained.

"Haha, now let's find Tubbo!" Tommy and Drista stood up and walked off to look for Tubbo.

After finding Tubbo in a flower field and not hiding at all, they played a couple more rounds. After an hour, they decided to head back to the house.

"RACE YA!!" Drista yelled as she ran ahead of them.

"HEY!! No fair!!" Tubbo chased after her.

"Wha-? Wait up!!" Tommy started to run, but stopped when something caught his eye.

He looked to his right and through the trees was a person.

They had a green cloak, a mostly black outfit, and a mask with a huge crack in the shape of an 'XD'.

With a single blink, they were gone.

Frightened, Tommy sprinted to catch up to Tubbo and Drista.

The three of them walked into the house and into the living room with everyone else.

They were all divided into multiple groups to chat.

Tommy and Tubbo walked over to the "kid group" containing Wilbur, Techno, Dream, and Foolish.

Tommy sat beside Wilbur, keeping his distance from Dream.

"Hey Tommy. Did you have fun?"


"Tommy sucks at hiding," Tubbo laughed.

"I do not!"

"Yes you do! Me and Drista found you in less than a minute every round!!"

"No! I- you- Its not my fault I'm tall, and you guys are small and shit!!" Tommy tried to argue, crossing his arms and glaring at Tubbo.


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