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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy was very hesitant about everything the family did.

The man who is supposedly his "father" had make him some food of which was delicious.

His dad would never cook...

"Tommy?" The brunette gained Tommy's attention.


"You- uh, do you maybe wanna play guitar with me after you're done?" Wilbur asked in a very shy tone.

"You play guitar?!" Tommy perked up.

He sadly smiled, "Yeah..."

"That's so poggers!" Tommy exclaimed.

He oddly felt comfortable with these people yet he didn't even know their names. Realizing this, he thought he should ask.

"What were your guys' names again?" Tommy asked quietly.

The guitarist didn't answer at first but the pinkette answered for him.

"He's Wilbur. I'm Techno. And the old man is... Philza or Phil," he hesitantly stated.

Phil looked saddened at the hearing of his name.


"Techno? Weird name..." Tommy mumbled.

"Tommy, finish eating. You haven't had a bite of food in three days," Phil said quite sternly.

Tommy immediately quieted and went back to eating his food.

Don't make dads angry.

Tommy learned that a while ago.

Phil glanced towards Tommy's tensed state.

"Oh, Tommy. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that, mate," Philza apologized.

He's apologizing?

Dads can do that?

"Its fin-" Tommy started before being interupted by the front door opening.

"I'm home!" A woman came around the corner of the kitchen. "Sorry I'm a bit late, I had to deal with XD's pranks around the-" She locked eyes with Tommy.

Tommy cowered in his chair slightly.

"Tommy... you're awake!" She ran towards Tommy before Techno stepped infront of him.

"Don't get too excited," Techno started.

The women's face dropped. "What's wrong?" She looked past Techno and towards Tommy. "Tommy?"

Tommy looked to Wilbur who was sitting next to him.

"Her names Kristen. She's Phil's wife and your mom," Wilbur answered to Tommy's confused look.

"Phil has a wife? Poggg."

"You always called her 'Mumza'," Wilbur laughed a bit.

"Mumza? How- ohhh, I get it. Mum and PhilZA. That's cool. I like it," Tommy commented as he looked back towards Kritsten or his 'mom'.

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