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[Techno's POV]

Things have been excruciatingly quiet without Tommy.

The entirety of the house is just empty and sad.

Tommy has been asleep in his room for a couple of days by now.

Three to be exact.

Phil is quite saddened at the fact that he's not being annoyed by his youngest son every minute because he would be complaining about something Wilbur or Techno did. Phil never shows it though for the sake of the family.

Wilbur has played his guitar, but he only plays the songs Tommy loves.

Mumza has become an at home nurse. Because she's quite litterally an expert at life and death, she checks up on Tommy to make sure there are no negative changes to Tommy situation.

Techno was devastated the most.

He spends most of his freetime in his little brother's room just to make sure nothing would harm him while he healed. That was what Techno was doing currently.

Techno was sitting in a chair beside Tommy's bed.

Every now and again, Techno would whisper things such as, "Please wake up," or "I'm so sorry." These were more to Tommy but Techno only seemed to be talking to himself.

Techno could hear footsteps vibrating down the hall which stopped in front of Tommy's door.

Techno recognized the footsteps as Wilbur's.

The door opened and Wilbur stood in the door's frame.

"Hey, Tech," Wilbur greeted.

"Hey," Techno avoided looking at his twin brother.

"I know you don't like leaving Tommy and all, but I wanted to know if you would like to watch a horror movie with me? You can say whatever you want about the murders," Wilbur offered.

"No thanks, Wilbur," Techno hesitantly declined.

"Are you sure? It would be a good distraction from... from Tommy," Wilbur walked closer.

"I'm sure."

Wilbur looked sympathetically at Techno then to their unconscious brother. Wilbur placed a hand on Techno's shoulder.

"Techno... I want you to think of Tommy-"

"Yeah, what else do you I've been doing?" Techno coldly interrupted.

Wilbur sighed. "I doubt he would want you to be so devastated about this," He reasoned.

Techno thought for a moment as be studied Tommy's peaceful state.

Techno dramatically sighed as he looked to Wilbur.

"Fine... which movie?" Techno reluctantly gave in.

Wil and Techno were about half-way through the film and Techno was completely silent throughout the entire movie. They were getting to the part where people actually start dying.

A man was just stabbed in the thigh by the killer.

The man had died not that long after the injury was committed.

"That's unrealistic. How could someone die like thirty seconds after only being stabbed in the thigh?!" Wilbur stated trying to get Techno into the mood.

"Actually, that's true," Techno corrected.

"What?! Really?" Wilbur asked.

"If you are stabbed in the thigh and it hits a certain spot, you'll bleed to death within about 20-30 seconds," Techno explained not once taking his eyes off of the gory scene on the TV screen.

Wilbur looked at his brother in disbelief.

"You know, these movie have gotten much more realistic in the past seven years," Techno commented.

"Really? Is that why you've been quiet this entire time?" Wilbur asked.

"Yes. Mostly anyway."

The movie continued and Techno pointed out a few more things by the end of it.

As they were walking up the stairs, Techno looked towards Wilbur.

"Thanks, Wil," Techno said.

Techno genuinely appreciated Wilbur attempt to cheer him up.

"Heh, for what?" Wilbur scoffed.

"For the distraction. It really helped," Techno cleared up.

"Oh, yeah. No problem," Wilbur smiled.

As they walked down the hall, Techno stopped by a certain someone's door.

Check on Tomss




Wilbur is a great brother

Check on Tommy

Wilbur looked back once he realized his brother was no longer walking with him.

"Techno, he's fine," Wilbur reasured.

"I know but it wouldn't hurt to check."

Techno opened the door slightly and Techno peeked in.

His eyes instantly going wide.

"What?" Wilbur worried slightly as he looked past Techno and into the room.



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