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[Tommy's POV]

Techno, Tommy, and Dream were sitting on the couch. It had been about half an hour sense Tommy had stopped crying, but Tommy's eyes were still slightly puffy and red from crying. Not much but still noticable.

Suddenly, Mumza and XD showed up.

"Hey, boys! Tommy, we were wond-" Mumza stopped. "Tommy! were you crying? What's wrong?" She rushed over to Tommy.

Tommy just sat in silence, too embarrassed to answer.

It was a stupid reason anyway.

She would call him a baby.

Tommy was not a baby.

He's a big man.

"He remembered something and it scared him. Right, Tommy?" Techno answered for him.

Tommy nodded.

"Alright, then. Speaking of which. Tommy. Do you want to remember your past?"

Tommy hesitated but nodded. "How?" He asked.

"We figured that if we bring you to the villiage, then you might remember some things," XD stated.

"What happened to Kristin trying to kill you?" Dream questioned.

"We figured it out. I wont kill him... yet," Mumza replied as she glared back at XD for a moment before looking back to Tommy. "You ready to go?" She the held out her hand to Tommy.

Tommy nodded and held her hand.

"Are you two coming aswell?" XD asked looking to Dream and Technoblade.

"I'm not. I have things to do," Dream answered.

"I will," Techno decided.

Techno stood up and they all we teleported to the villiage, if you could even call it that. All that was left were destroyed buildings and ash.

Tommy looked at the mess of a town in front of him.

Flames growing by the minute...

People screaming...

People running...

People killing...

Tommy snapped out of his thoughts.

Was he remembering things!?

That's a good thing, right?

"Let us know if anything makes you uncomfortable. Okay, Tommy?" Mumza gently mentioned.

Tommy nodded. He walked foward and into the pile of rubble.

The authorities must have cleaned up all the bodies Tommy remembered seeing.

Tommy looked to his left and at the building that was once a small cafe.

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