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[Tommy's POV]

"Hello, Thomas!"

Tommy quickly looked around the white room but saw no one.

"Who-?! Where...?" Tommy mumbled.

"Who I am is none of your concern."

"Why can't I see you?" Tommy asked.

"I am a god and cannot have a mortal see my form which is the reason I am not within your visuals." The supposed 'God' answered.

"Okay? Why am I here?"

"Are you aware that you've been causing problems?"


"Well, unfortunately, these problems have become much too big for me to ignore any longer and I must create a solution," The voice explained.

Tommy hesitated, "... So, I have to die, right? For the problems to stop?"

"Yes. A smart one you are!" They answered.

Tommy did something he thought he'd never do:

He thought before he spoke.

Tommy sighed.

"Okay... Can you just get it over with?" The teenager asked in a faltering annoyed tone.

The strange voice didn't respond immediately.

"You- how- you're not even bothered by this? Do- do you even have a will to live?" The god stuttered.

"Well, technically I'm not even alive so..." Tommy grumbled as he crossed his arms and scuffed his shoe against the nonexistant floor he stood on.

"I do have a couple of questions before I kill you, if you don't mind me asking you," They stated.

Tommy sighed, "Shoot."

"Shoot?" The voice questioned.

"Eh, it's a human saying. Go ahead. Ask," Tommy corrected.

"Okay, well, I wanted to know about your parents."

"I mean you already know Kristin and there's Phil-" Tommy started.

"I mean your biological parents," The voice rudely interupted.

"Uh- well," Tommy nervously laughed. "They, uh, weren't the best. My dad was kind of an alcoholic and had major anger issues. My mom was... alright? I guess? She never did anything bad per say but she never did anything exactly nice either," Tommy explained.

"Interesting... what was your life like before the raid?" They commented then asked.

"...rough..." Tommy reluctantly answered.

"Hm, well, Thomas-"

"It's Tommy," Tommy interupted.

"Tommy. I have important matters to attend to, unfortunately. You'll have to stay in this 'room'. In the meantime, why don't you play with a toy or two?"

Two kids toys appeared out of nowhere. One a colorful wooden train and the other was a red race car.

What the fuck?

"There, that should keep you entertained."

How insulting.

"Wha-? How would this entertain me?How old do you think I am?" Tommy asked, clearly insulted.

"I don't know. Seven? Eight maybe?" They answered.

"I'm fucken fourteen! What the fuck, man?"

"Fourteen? It's been seven years already?"

Tommy started, "I do not look fucken seven years old anymor-"

"Hey! It's not my fault! Time is weird and moves differently with us Gods!" The voice argued. "Not to mention, you kind of just look like a very tall eight year old."

"I am a big man thank you very much," Tommy scolded.

"Fine, fine," The childish and non-manly toys disappeared. "What do you want to keep you entertained then?"

"Just give me a notebook and pencil," Tommy stated.

"Fine, here."

A lined, black notebook appeared with a sharp, wooden pencil.

"You enjoy the white abyss. I'll be back soon."

"Hmm, 'kay, see ya," Tommy stated as he inspected the new items.

After a minute or two, he opened up to the first perfectly clean page and began writing.

He was definently going to be there a while.

[Phil's POV]

"That's when we take them down... hopefully," XD finished explaining his plan.

"Okay, everyone got the plan?" XD asked as he looked up from the many upon many of papers on the table. Some of said papers where even on the floor from the movement of other, more important pieces.

"I'm in!"


"Got it."

"It's a plan."

Everyone agreed.

It's time to kill a god.


Sorry about the shorter chapter! <3

Word Count - 675

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