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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy remembered everything...

From his father's rage to his mother's last breaths...

He remember everything no matter if it was sad or happy...

Tommy felt tears streaming down his face.

He didn't hold it back this time, though. He let them fall as he choked out a sob.

"Oh Tommy... it's okay. I'm so sorry. Come here," Mumza said bringing Tommy into her arms and shushed him in a way of comfort.

Tommy didn't stop crying no matter what Mumza tried.

"Tommy... Shh, it's okay! I'm right here!" She tried again but it only seemed to make the situation worse.

"....I- I don't wanna re- member any- more-" Tommy quietly choked out between sobs.

Mumza looked to XD who held his hands up and backed up a few steps.

"Don't shush him. Let him cry it out," Techno corrected.

"What?" Mumza questioned.

Techno sighed, "Here. Give him to me."

Techno sat down beside Mumza. Tommy saw this and reached for Techno.

"Come here, buddy," Techno said as he took Tommy from Mumza's arms and into his own.

Tommy sobbed into Techno's shoulder as Techno traced circles on Tommy's back.

"I got you. It's okay to cry it out," Techno reassured.

Tommy's sobs softened and were much quieter than before, but he was still crying none-the-less.

"What did you do?" Mumza asked.


"Okay, but why? Why not say or really do anything?"

"Shushing him is telling him that he shouldn't be crying which can cause unhealthy problems in the future. Letting him cry it out is letting him know that he can show his emotions and in a healthy way," Techno explained in his usual monotone voice.

"Sense when are you the caring type?" She chuckled lightly.

"Don't push it," Techno mumbled as he looked away in embarrassment, though his face didn't show it.

"Techi- er, Techno?" Tommy interrupted himself.

"Yes, Tommy?" Techno answered.

"Can- Can we go home now?" Tommy asked quietly.

Techno was surprised that Tommy called his house 'home', but he didn't question it.

"Sure, buddy," Techno said as he stood while still holding Tommy.

Mumza took them home.

Techno sat Tommy on the couch and sat beside him. Tommy leaned onto Techno's arm. Dream had gone home while they were gone.

"I'm guessing you have your memory back from before the incident, correct?" XD asked.

Tommy nodded into Techno's arm.

"Do I have to tell you guys?" Tommy quietly asked, his voice still a bit hoarse from crying.

"No, your not forced to," Techno stated.

"Wait, what?! I thought the whole reason of him going was to find out what happened! If he's not gonna tell us-" Mumza elbowed him hard in gut causing him to fold over slightly.

"He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to," Mumza said as she glared at XD.

"I can tell you if you want," Tommy said.

"Do you want to?" Techno asked.

"Uh, kinda I guess," Tommy mumbled. "Where do I start? The raid? Or, like, my parents?"

"Start wherever you want."

"Okay, uh," Tommy started. "I remember my mom and dad. And to answer you from before XD, my dad was a human and my mom was.... somthing. She never showed it so don't know what she was exactly."

"Why would she not show it?" XD asked.

"I think it was 'cause of my dad. He didn't like people like that... that's probably why he always yelled at mom."

Mumza and Techno looked at each other. Mumza's look was filled with concern while Techno's was almost emotionless.

"Did you're dad ever yell at or hurt you?" XD asked with only a small hint of concern. Mumza looked at him with surprise.

Tommy hesitated, but barely noticeably nodded.

Techno was the only one who saw it. Well, more like felt it as Tommy was clinging to his arm.

"What did he do? If you don't mind me asking," Techno asked with a bit of anger.

"I don't wanna talk about that..." Tommy quietly whispered.

"Okay, that's fine. Continue."

"Oh, I remember having this friend! Their name was Ranboo. He was only in the villiage for a week, but we were really good friends," Tommy smiled but it disappeared when he remembered the raid. "It was, like, a week or two after he left that the raid happened..."

Tommy clinged onto Techno a bit tighter. Techno noticed this, so he pulled his arm out of the youngers grip and instead wrapped it around Tommy.

"I remember my mom dying..." Tommy said quietly, yet loud enough for the others to hear. "She was trying to keep me safe when one of the bad guys got to her and..."

Tommy went silent.

Techno tightened his hold on Tommy and pulled him closer.

Tommy continued, "I just remember the fire and people screaming and stuff. Then I was by this alleyway and I heard this big, like, crack from above me. And when I looked up, the building was on fire and it was about to fall on me."

Mumza looked at XD who only stared at the ground.

"Then, I don't know what happened, but I forgot everything and I remember seeing XD-."

Tommy yawned.

"Alright, let's get you to bed. You had a long day," Techno said before bring him upstairs.


Word Count - 888

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