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[Techno's POV]

After a little while, the two families left. Tommy and the others were hanging out in the living room.

"Hey Tommy?" Wilbur spoke up.


"Why were you so scared of Dream? Have you seen him before or something?" He asked.

Tommy looked down nervously.

"....I..... don't know.... I don't think I've seen him before but he looks really familiar or something."

Philza placed a hand on Tommy's shoulder, "It's alright, mate. He wouldn't do a thing to you." He smiled.

Tommy smiled back.

"Alright, I'm hungry. What's for dinner, Dad?" Wilbur piped in.

"You're always hungry, Wil."

.~•°: Time skip :°•~.

"So, Tommy, did you get along with Tubbo?" Philza asked as everyone ate their dinner.

"Yeah! We had a lot of fun!"

"Guessing you didn't bite him?" Wilbur tried teasing him again.

Tommy looked down at his food.

"Yeah..... I did actually...." He mumbled.

Wilbur nearly choked on his food.

"Wait, really?! I was joking again-"

Tommy started laughing.

Wilbur just gave a confused look.

"The look- on your face!" Tommy said between laughs.

"Wait... you dick! I thought you were serious!" Wilbur cursed to the child. Tommy's laughter died down a bit.

"Well, I was kinda serious. I did bite him once..." Tommy quieted his voice.

"When?!" Now Philza was in the conversation.

"It was on accident!! He snuck up from behind me. I said I was sorry right after! And he said he was fine!" Tommy lowkey panicked.

"Woah, its alright. How hard did you bite him? Hopefully not as bad as you did us," Wilbur asked, genuinely concerned.

"It wasn't that hard! I promise! It didnt even leave a mark! He said he was okay and stuff!"

"It's okay Tommy! We believe you. Dont worry." Philza reassured him.

"Sorry," Tommy sunk back into his seat and continued eating.

"Did anything else exciting happen while you three were playing?" Philza asked.

"Uh..... I guess. I saw this wierd person while we were going back."

"What'd they look like?"

"Uh, they wore mostly black outfit and this green cape-looking thingy. They kinda looked like Dream...."

"Did they have a mask like Dream?"

"Yeah, but it was like a big 'X' instead of a smiley face. But they disappeared almost instantly after I saw them!"

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