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Changing With The Tides (A TommyInnit Au) by _Cubed
Changing With The Tides (A Tuckie
**Completed** Tommy Simons was a very successful streamer by the name of TommyInnit with plenty of friends, online and in real life. When his parents die unexpectedly in...
I- I Can't  || Wilbur Soot Angst || Adoption AU || by Any0nebutMys3lf
I- I Can't || Wilbur Soot Angst | @ny1 but my$3lf
Wilbur Soot was found and put into the foster system when he was 8 years old. He was found in the crumbling remains of a former hybrid experimentation facility a year si...
Save me, please by Nightwingwriter
Save me, pleaseby Nightwingwriter
Shinsou has been in the adoption center ever since he can remember. Because of his quirk, he's isolated, and treated like he is nothing. For the longest time, he felt it...
Please Stay: Bench Trio Adoption AU by smileyotaku101
Please Stay: Bench Trio Adoption AUby smileyotaku101
Basically Tubbo, Tommy and Ranboo get adopted by sbi, gonna be angst and fluff, ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPS. idk who made the cover i found it on google sry ;) All other chapter...
They Rely On Hope. What Do I Rely On? - Tommyinnit Adoption AU by belicorn123
They Rely On Hope. What Do I belicorn123
Tommy stopped caring a long time ago. He stopped hoping for somehting better, because there was nothing better for him. So he lives, because he refuses to die, and for n...
Trust [Lams AU] by nnevertrustaduck
Trust [Lams AU]by nnevertrustaduck
Alexander Hamilton has not had an easy life. After his parents died, he bounced from foster home to foster home in Nevis, each one giving up on him and claiming that he...
You're Better Off Without Me (A Tommyinnit Adoption Au) by _Cubed
You're Better Off Without Me (A Tuckie
**New chapter every three days** (Not very scheduled anymore, sorry) What do you do when you start hearing voices, telling you horrible, awful things? What do you do whe...
Minecraft Family(SBI + Tubbo adoption Au)(with Purpledinnit) by alex_lxxser
Minecraft Family(SBI + Tubbo
i started changing this story a bit to read it better but i got to lazy and jusy to do that at every chapter so i will just leave it like that for now. Tommy is 9years...
Glitched feathers | Swapped Hero Sbi Au by Ran_Just_Ran
Glitched feathers | Swapped Hero Ran_Just_Ran
Tommy was just your average hero. Or was he? Tommy was an avian hybrid. The only one, the heros experimented on him for this specific reason, alot. To the point his wing...
A New Family by _Knife
A New Familyby Knife
My first attempt a writing anything really Tommy age 13 had been in the orphanage for roughly 4 years now, tons of 'familys' had tried to adopt the boy but after about a...
Balloons in the corner of the room. ✔ by kitcatnah
Balloons in the corner of the kitcatnah
'Before we leave, I was wondering something... I noticed that your social worker called you Will and I suppose I'm wondering which name you preferred?' Wilbur was surpri...
Abuse Leaves A Strong Mark On The Soul by Specter-7-Reporting
Abuse Leaves A Strong Mark On Specter-7-Reporting
When a young boy who lost his mother at a young age and was then blamed for it for almost 7 years, is finally rescued from the abuse and harm, finds a loving family to c...
The Stars Aren't Home (Yet) {Gravity Falls} by Chara426
The Stars Aren't Home (Yet) { DipDopDip
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's what Dipper thought at least. Mabel could be harsh sometimes, but it's nothing he didn't deserve. Their parents didn'...
Come With Me (Ranboo Adoption Au) by GalaxyGamer0960
Come With Me (Ranboo Adoption Au)by GalaxyGamer0960
In a world where Y/n feels lonely at home, she goes to a far away forest to find something to adopt. She finds and adopts this hybrid and they spend a ton of time togeth...
Ranboo One Shots (Ft. Philza and Technoblade) by PerkyWombat
Ranboo One Shots (Ft. Philza and PerkyWombat
Ranboo one-shots. Features Philza Minecraft and Technoblade. All PLATONIC! Trigger warnings before every chapter. If cc's are uncomfortable this will be taken down. ➳W...
The flowers that come with loving you are suffocating me. by Author_Mc_
The flowers that come with Author_Mc_
Tommy is a foster kid who gets adopted by the Watsons. The Watsons have shown Tommy all the love and care in the world for years. But recently... That love isn't as appa...
Am I Loved Again..?||Adopted Tommy AU by DanielaWeirdo
Am I Loved Again..?||Adopted DanielaWeirdo
so basically tommy saw the murder of his parents when he was 13. he managed to run away before he ended up dead too. for the next 3 years he lived in an orphanage until...
Tommyinnits first good christmas!! by alex_lxxser
Tommyinnits first good christmas!!by
Tommy had been staying with the Watsons since March , so since nine months. Everything had been crazy for him so far , he got things he never got before, like love , peo...
New home? by That-One-Nice-Weeb
New home?by That-One-Nice-Weeb
---- Minecraft skins and persona only, no CC. (Obviously) Technoblade and his little brother Ranboo have been stuck in this orphanage for most of their lives they didn'...
Home (purpled adoption au) by Nighttime_exe
Home (purpled adoption au)by Nighttime_exe
this story has no real plot line it's technically purpled joins the chaotic minecraft family household and while it will be mostly purpled centric I will have some chapt...