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[Tommy's POV]

Beep beep beep

Tommy reached his arm over and hit his alarm clock's snooze button for about the 6th time now.

"Ugghhh," He groaned and looked at the time.


"SHIT!" Tommy said as he nearly jumped out of bed and towards his closet.

He threw on some blue jeans and his favorite red and white baseball shirt. He quickly pulled on some socks as he walked towards the door. He quickly threw on his shoes, not bothering to tie the laces.

Tommy picked up his backpack. He looked inside to make sure everything was present before stumbling out the door and downstairs to the kitchen.

"Tommy! Glad you finally decided to join us!" Wilbur said sarcastically.

"Why the fuck did no one wake me up!?" Tommy exclaimed.

"Remember the last time we tried to do that?" Wilbur glared.

"Well, maybe if you didn't sneak up on me and told me it was you, not some stranger, then I wouldn't have fucken bit you!" Tommy glared back.

"Boys, stop bickering and get going to school! You're going to be even more late," Philza broke up the fight and sent them off.

"But I didn't even get breakfast!" Tommy whined.

"Here. I made you some toast," Phil handed Tommy a piece of buttered toast.

"Thanks, dad," Tommy said before heading out the door with Wilbur and Techno.

"And tie your shoe laces, mate!" Philza called out.

The three filed into Wilbur's car and were off to school.

"You better not get any crumbs in my car, you fucken gremlin," Wilbur scolded as he backed out of the driveway.

"Yeah, yeah," Tommy rolled his eyes as he ate the last piece of his breakfast. "Oh, and I'm hanging out with Tubbo after school, so you don't have to wait for me," Tommy stated.

"And what dumb idea are you two planning to do today? Fight a racoon?" Techno asked, unamused.

"Ha, ha, very funny, Tech. And no, we were just gonna go to the new arcade. See if it's any good."

Tommy was happy.

He was fourteen now.

He became really close with his new family in 7 years.

He sees Wilbur and Techno as his blood brothers and they think the same with him.

He sees Philza as his dad. He even calls him that, too. It was quite a shocker when he first did. Phil almost cried.

He even had his best friend Tubbo to hang out with at and after school.

He was satisfied with life.

It wasn't long before they got to school.

They went into the building most kids see as a prison and went their separate ways.

Tommy walked into his classroom and saw Tubbo at his desk taking to someone in the seat that's normally vacant. Tommy walked up them and sat down in his designated chair.

"Hey, Tubbo! What's up, king?" Tommy said.

"Nothing much, king. Oh, look this is the new student! Ranboo!" Tubbo gestured to the kid he was talking to.

"Ranboo?" Tommy looked at the kid.

"Uh, I- I'm Ranboo..." The kid stuttered.

Ranboo looked at Tommy with curious eyes.

"I thought your name was Ranboob," Tommy laughed.

"Wait, Tommy?" Ranboo asked with a hopeful look.

"The one and only," Tommy smiled.

Ranboo gasped, " You're alive!? I heard about the villiage and I thought you were dead!!"

"That's a funny story actually..."

"What villiage? Dead? What!?" Tubbo asked very clearly confused.

"Before I ended up with Phil, my village was raided. Like two weeks before that, I met Ranboob," Tommy explained.

"Oh... so you guys know each other?"

"Its Ranboo, and yeah," Ranboo answered.

"Are you sure? I very clearly remember it being Ranboob," Tommy teased.

They chatted for a little while before the bell rang and the teacher started class.

After school, Tommy and Tubbo invited Ranboo on their trip to the arcade. He accepts and they all had loads of fun.

[Mumza's POV]

"You wanted to see me, Ender?" Mumza said.

"Yes, I did. I wanted to discuss something with you," The higher leveled god stated. "I hear that you and your family have grown quite fond with a certain boy. Correct?"

"Yes. What about it?"

"And you have seen the few... incidents recently as the goddess of death. Correct?" They asked.


"The incidents have set things askew and are becoming quite the problem. You know why these are happening."

Mumza stayed silent, waiting for them to continue.

"I believe you know what needs to happen." They turned to Mumza.

"I'll.... inform the family..."


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