Avengers preference #2 First date

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Tony being him usual self, he takes you to a fancy restaurant and keeps complimenting you and being snarky through the whole night.


Steve takes you to a 40s themed diner and to cute walk in the park. The date ends with him kissing you in front of the door of your flat.


He teaches you archery. He is patient with you because you're just a beginner. In the end you are a real natural and it makes him realize that he's in love with you.


Bruce takes to an Indian restaurant where you two just have fun talking about random stuff just to find out how much you have in common.


He takes you to Asgard. Yes, you read right. Asgard. He shows you the rainbow bridge and the place he grew up.


Nat and you have a sparring session. After she lets you use her shower both of you curl up and watch Xena the princess warrior on DVD.

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