Avengers preference #9 What they love the most about you

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Please give a warm welcome to our new member of the Avengers preferences, Bucky Barnes!

Anyways I want to know where you guys are from and what you want me write next! Love you all!



Your caring personality

When he has a nighmare or just feels under the weather you managed to calm him down and make him feel better. Also, you always ask him questions like ''Are you hungry?'' ''Are you tired?'' ''Wanna cuddle?'' and it makes him love you even more.


Your hair

Nat likes to twirl your hair locks around her fingers, braid it or just run her fingers through it. When you're in the shower she always shampoos and conditions your hair.


Your sassy comebacks

Tony always has something stupid or snarky to say, but you're always quick with your words and you're able to out-snark him. He never gets in arguments with you because he knows he can't win.


Your passion for movies

Bruce thinks it's the most adorable thing when you start talking about your favourite movies. Sometimes he even mentions them on purpose just so you start blabbing about it.


Your cuddly personality

No matter where you guys are, you always wrap your arms around him or just hold his hand. And when you kiss him it's like he's on cloud 9.


Your laidback personality

In stressful situations you're always the one who's calm and collect. He's always amazed his carefree you are.


Your cooking

Thor has a huge appetite and he only gets satisfied when you cook. It started when you made spaghetti and he couldn't get enough of them and since then he always asks you make him something to eat which he returns with showering you with kisses and cuddles.

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