Peter Quill imagine #1 Did I just hit the jackpot?

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Y/n was running away from two assassins who were chasing her because they believed she stole an ancient artifact, which she did, but she had to deny it in order to sell it to a collector. Hey, a girl's gotta eat somehow!

One of the assassins dropped from a tall building right in front of her. He threw a punch at her which she blocked successfuly. Then she kicked his chest sending him down on the hard concrete and started running from the second guy who was close behind her.

Her back roughly collided with a hard cement wall. He caught up with her and grabbed her by the collar of her leather jacket.

"Where is it?" the assassin gritted through his teeth. "I don't know what you're talking about!" Y/n immediately defended herself. "Yes you do! Give it back and nobody gets hurt!" "I already told you, I don't have it!" she screamed at his and felt his fist on her face. "You Terrans aren't good for anything!"

the assassin sighed.

Suddenly, the assassin was hit and dropped to the ground leaving Y/n free from his grasp. "Don't disrespect Earth!" a deep voice came from a tall guy. My saviour. I guess. Y/n taught to herself as she lifted her head up to meet her hero's eyes. She wasn't suprised to see he was from Earth. A place she called home. Wow! He's from Earth? And he's hot? Did I just hit the jackpot?

"So did you take it?" the handsome saviour interrupted her thoughts. "No! Maybe. Okay yes." Y/n confessed unwillingly, but she had a feeling she could trust him.

"Oh, you're the beautiful girl I saw in that cave. I knew I did. Rocket said I was hallucinating, but I knew I wasn't! Anyway, I'm Starlord. You can call me Peter." Peter rambled. Y/n couldn't help but smile at his words. He was just too cute.

"I'm Y/n." she mumbled. "Well Y/n, we can use someone like you in our team." Peter took her hand and pulled her into him. As he wrapped his arm around Y/n waist, she started blushing. Like a giggly schoolgirl.

"A team?" "Yeah. Guardians of the galaxy. You wanna go somewhere where we can talk?" Peter asked her and she nodded shyly.

"Do you have an outlaw name, Y/n?"

"No. No I don't."

"Can I call you Stardoll then?"

"We'll see."

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