Parental Preference part 1

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Avengers Parental Preference - Your first word

Tony Stark

Your dad had you sat in his lap while he was working in his work shop. Your child self found everything he did in the shop interesting. You sat there silent and stared at all the work he did, but today Tony was incredibly pissed at his machinery. You looked him in the eyes then looked the claw robot thing and yelled "Dummy!" as loud as you could. Tony chuckled at your first word and decided to name the claw machine 'Dummy'.

Steve Rogers

Agent Maria Hill was taking care of you while Steve was on a one day mission. She did her best to keep you entertained and take your mind of your dad.

When Steve came back, the first thing he did was to find you and Maria. "How was she?" Steve asked. "She was an angel, Cap." Maria answered. Steve took you in his arms and kissed your nose. "Hey, sweetheart." he whispered. "Cap!" you cheered and threw your arms around his neck.


Clint has been trying to get you to say "daddy" or "mommy" all afternoon while Nat was out getting groceries. After a while he gave up. "I need coffee." he got up and walked into the kitchen to pour himself a cup.

In the meantime, Nat came back and set the bags on the table. Then she picked you up and brought you into the kitchen. "So what did you two do while I was gone?" she asked and ran her fingers through your hair. "Coffee." you answered immediately. Clint's mouth hung open while Natasha barely contained her laughter.

Bruce Banner

Bruce took you to a park for a walk. When your little legs got tired, both of you sat on a bench to rest a little. A group of teenagers were playing soccer on the grass across from you and one of them kicked a ball too hard which resulted in the ball landing just next to your feet.

The boy walked over to you, took the ball and apologized in case he hurt you. "It's okay. Just be careful." Bruce said and the boy smiled at you. You looked him in the eyes and pointed at the boy and said "Cute!" in a cheeky tone. Bruce swore thst he won't let Tony or Clint hang out that much around you.


It's been raining all day today and you and Thor have been watching cartoons all afternoon. When it was dinner time, Thor carried you into the kitchen and sat you on the counter.

"Would you like to eat poptarts, my dear." he asked, but you stayed silent. He took that as a yes and grabbed a box from the compartment. You hit him in the stomach and frown at the box of poptarts. "What's wrong? Do you not want poptarts? What do you want then child?" "Fries" you answered with a goofy smile. Thor chuckled and said "Fries it is, young one."


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