Marvel preference #11 - Children's names

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Yeah, I'm doing this for this version too. From now on I'm doing parallels. When I do an Avengers preference, I'll do the Marvel preference using the same scenario. If it's okay with you.

I added Matt Murdock (Daredevil) since he's so awesome.

P.S. I love how you got all of the fandom references in the last chapter. Let's see if you can get them in this chapter too.


Grant Ward

Son - Colton Oliver Ward

Daughter - Arya Kimberly Ward

Brock Rumlow

Son - Leo Alexander Rumlow

Daughter - Lana Laurel Rumlow

Leo Fitz

Son - Daniel Philip Fitz

Daughter - Gabrielle Jemma Fitz

Logan Howlett

Son - Remy Xavier Howlett

Daughter - Bella Amy Howlett

Johnny Storm

Son - Michael Brett Storm

Daughter - Amber Sue Storm

Peter Quill

Son - Scott William Quill

Daughter - Zoe Amelia Quill


Son - Rebel Christopher Wilson

Daughter - Jennifer Victory Wilson

Harry Osborn

Son - James Dane Osborn

Daughter - Clara Kathleen Osborn

Matt Murdock

Son - Charlie Nelson Murdock

Daughter - Skye Melinda Murdock

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