Marvel preference #13 - Vacation

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Requested - Where you go on vacation

Peter Quill

Earth - It was an amazing idea. You were both quite nostalgic and the rest of the team has never been there.

Logan Howlett

Switzerland - You stayed in a cabin on mountain. It was really romantic spending nights in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate.

Grant Ward

Japan - You guys finished with a mission and decided to take a little break and stay in Japan for a few days.

Johnny Storm

Bahamas - The weather was perfect and so was the vacation with Johnny. During your vacation, you guys partied a lot and went skinny dipping a few times.

Wade Wilson

Monte Carlo - Wade was happier than a five year old when you agreed to go with him.

Brock Rumlow

Amsterdam - You've always wanted to go there and when Brock managed to get time off, the first thing you guys did was pack your bags.

Leo Fitz

Croatia - You two spent your vacation in several cities on the Croatian coast. You also visited the place where they shot Game of Thrones.


I just had to put Croatia for Fitz because I'm from Croatia lol. If anyone is from my country or any country close, please holler at me in the comments.

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