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So here it is, announcement of the winner. See how I didn't say 'winners' it's because only 1 person submitted. Congratulations! I was amazed by this one shot. It was amazingly written. *throws candy at you since it's Halloween*

And the winner is:

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Category: Crossover

Title: The Halloween nightmare. (Marvel & Supernatural.)

* * * * * * * * * *

"I swear, if this is one of your pranks, I'm gonna kill you!"

"It's not a prank", Tony whined, hands raised in the air in defense. "I need these pumpkins to decorate the tower!"

"You are a mystery Tony Stark", you shook your head but a small smirk slowly crept onto your lips.

"That's why every girl fall for me", he flirtatiously said, sending a wink in your direction.

"Not gonna happen. Never!", you shouted as you walked out of the lab.

"Then why are you doing what I asked you to do?"

"Because I love you", you answered and tried your best to suppress a laugh.

"Knew it!", Tony's victorious scream was heard in the entire tower. "It's just a matter of time, Sweetheart", he called out as you reached the elevator. 
With a roll of your eyes, you pressed the button and waited for the doors to open.

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

"Where did he put his shit?", you muttered and tossed aside an umpteenth box.

You sighed loudly and went to examine more of these boxes, hoping to find the Halloween decorations.

"This jerk better made it up to me for all the hours I'm wasting", you angrily grumbled. "Annnd nothing."

You looked around the huge basement and nervously rubbed the back of your neck. You didn't know why, but you had a bad feeling about this place. 
You shook your head to clear your mind and chose a random box to be investigated.


"Not this one."


"OH MY GOD!", you quickly closed the box and your eyes at the same time, trying to erase the images now engraved in your mind. "Stupid porn magazines."

You let out a huff and sat down, clearly desesperate by your fail.

"This is all a joke", you resolved and narrowed your eyes at this new information. "Stark, you're gonna pay for this!"

You were about to leave the basement when you heard a dull sound coming from the back of the room.

You slowly made your way towards it, grabbing the first thing you found to defend yourself if you had to - a broken pipe.

You went around the basement twice, as quietly as you could, but found nothing that could had made the sound.

On your third round, you noticed a black smoke coming from an air vent. Curiosity got the best of you, and you walked closer to it, frowning deeply.

"What the fuck?", you let out in a breath when you were only inches from it.

It looked exactly like smoke, but there was something about it that made you feel uncomfortable, you couldn't tell what.

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