Avengers preference #15 You're on your period

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Wow, you guys. I got so many requests... *West Collins voice* "So many." But I still take them!

I'm gonna do the Avengers/Supernatural crossover and I'm probably gonna post it this weekend! I know I talk about Supernatural a lot, but I just can't help it. I love you all!

I'm sorry I cursed a little. (>_<)



You see, Nat knows what you're going through. She curls up with you on the couch and let's you whine about how much you hate periods.


When you're on your period, Sam completely spoils you. He brings home chocolate, icecream and anything and everything you want.


He can always see in how much pain you're in, so he tries to cheer you up just to take your mind off pain.


Bucky gently rubs your lower abdomen and agrees to watch any movie or TV show you want.


He's trying to be gentle around you. He never raises his voice or tips you off because he knows how sensitive you are at that time.


Since Thor's all for cuddles, he pulls you in his arms and both of you spend hours just lying there talking about random things and enjoying each others company.


You and Bruce do yoga to relieve pain. Correction: He does yoga, you attempt to do yoga. The pain of moving around becomes too much, so you lay your head to rest (I'm Supernatural AF!) in his lap and watch him meditate.


Clint being a confused little adorable shit, doesn't figure out what's going on until you point it out. When he finally finds out, he provides you with shit load of chocolate and pizza.

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