Outfit preference #1 - Tony Stark

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Here's the first outfit preference I hope you guys like it. I made those photos myself so you can tell me what you like about those outfits and what you don't like about them. I won't be mad.

Disclaimer: This aren't preferences in which I'm saying that the character only want you to dress like that. It's a type of outfit they like on you.


It's no secret that Tony is very self centred which means he likes to see you in clothes that remind him of the Ironman.

Trousers: He likes jeans in the colours of the suit.

Tops: He likes when you wear the Ironman merch, but sometimes you steal one of his black tank tops and wear them instead.

Shoes: He doesn't really care what kind of shoes you wear. It's just important that your comfortable in them.

Accessories: He gave you a ring with a mini arc reactor which you always wear proudly.

Hair: He managed to talk you into dyeing it red, but he likes it in every way you style it.

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