Marvel preference #2 You wear his clothes

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''Is that mine?'' you heard a familiar voice behind you. Setting your hair brush down you turned around to see Logan standing there looking at you. ''Yeah. I hope you don't mind.'' you said while rolling the sleeves of his red, plaid shirt up. ''Nah... it looks good on you.'' he made his way over to you and unbuttoned the top 3 buttons. ''Really, really good.''


''Wade?'' ''Babygirl?'' ''Where are all of your clothes?'' you asked the mercenary. ''Check the kitchen.'' he said with his eyes fixed on the TV. ''What? What are they doing in the kitchen?'' you chuckled and raised and eyebrow. ''Uh.... chillin' you know!'' he exclaimed happily.

After you found them chillin' in the oven you took a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Then you went to the bathroom to change. As you were putting on the shirt he walked in. ''Boobies!'' Wade said with a huge grin on his face and then just walked out. ''I worry about you sometimes.'' you yelled after him.

Peter Parker

Aunt May talked you into staying for the night with them since it was storming outside and she was worried that something might happen to you. Now you were standing in the bathroom looking at yourself in the mirror. Peter gave you his pyjama pants and a white t-shirt which were way too big for you.

Once you walked back to his room he averted his gaze from the computer screen and smiled at you. ''Fashionable, right?'' you smiled back. ''Very. Come here.'' Peter said opening arms. You sat in his lap and he snatched his arms around your waist. ''What are you reading?'' ''Something about spiders.'' he said and rested his head on your shoulder. ''You know, babe, you should start using Google.''

Peter Quill

You and Peter were standing outside some sketchy bar on some random planet. Peter noticed you shivering and draped his dark red leather jacket on your shoulders. ''There. I don't want you to get a cold.'' he said and kissed your cheek. ''I'm more worried about you getting sick.'' ''Oh, Stardoll. You know I'm immune.''

Your conversation wad interrupted by drunk Rocket wobbling through the exit. ''Ahahah! You two should hear those guys inside! Hilarious!''

Johnny Storm

You walked out of the bathroom and jumped straight into Johnny's bed. ''Have I ever told you how good you look I'm my shirts?'' he asked running his hands up and down your sides. ''Yes. On multiple occasions.'' ''Although, I prefer you without clothes on.'' he said and winked at you. ''I know. That's the reason my dress is on your floor right now!'' you sassed him and kissed his cheek.


I'm sorry that this kinda sucks I am seriously lacking inspiration. I had an awful day in school and I tried to write something cute to cheer myself up. Anyways, thanks to all of you for reading my shitty preferences and voting for the story.

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