Bucky Barnes imagine #2 The night is darkest just before the dawn.

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PostTWS!Bucky x Superhero!reader

Yn - your name

Trigger warning: nighmares, torture, crying...

I don't know what hit me, but I got an urge to write this.


You tossed and turned in your bed as a result of lack of sleep you desperately need. Every time you closed your eyes the memories flooded back. All of the bad things which happened to you just won't leave you alone. You were scared to fall asleep. Even if you did, nighmares would make their way to your mind in a matter of minutes. All of the missions you've done haunted you and the last one, which happened nearly two weeks ago, was breaking you the most.

HYDRA took a bunch of hostages and it was your job to get them out while Steve and Bucky were fighting off the agents. You weren't quick enough and they caught you. They spent days beating you to get information about The Avengers. Especially Bucky. You never gave in because you aren't a traitor. And you would do anything to protect Bucky, the man you fell in love with just three weeks after you met him. You always wondered if he feels the same.

At 2:30 a.m. you were woken up by another nighmare. This time it was a guy, Crossbones he called himself, who stabbed your thigh and you stomach. Your fingertips immediately slid over the scar on your lower abdomen as soon as you sat up drenched in sweat. Realizing you won't fall asleep again, you threw the covers off of you and decided to go to the kitchen and get something to drink.

Walking into the kitchen you saw a figure sitting at the table opposite from where you stood. Your breath hitched, your heart was beating loudly and blood was furiously pumping through your veins.

''Come here, Yn. No-one is gonna hurt you.'' A smooth voice came from that figure. It took you a moment to process it all but, when you realized it was Bucky talking to you, he was already towering over you. ''Another nighmare?'' he asked and gave you sympathetic look. You nodded as a tear slid down your cheek. Bucky wrapped his arms around you and lifted you on the kitchen counter.

Minutes passed and you kept sobbing against his chest. His right arm started moving gently up and down you as he spoke ''I can hear you when you scream during the night. I can hear you crying early in the morning. I swear I'm gonna help you get better like you helped me.'' ''No-one can help me. I'm a wreck! I'm scared to fall asleep.'' you started crying even harder.

Suddenly, he lifted you up again and carried you to your room. He gently laid you down on the bed and walked over to the other side. When he got in, he pulled the covers over both of you and you snuggled against his chest again. He draped his metal arm around your waist and lazily dragged you closer to him.

''Bucky?'' ''Hmm?'' ''Can you please stay with me?''you asked with a shaky voice to which Bucky responded with a kiss to your forehead. ''Of course I'll stay. You don't have to be scared anymore. You'll be just fine. The night is darkest just before the dawn.'' ''Are you quoting The Dark Knight?'' you asked in amazement. ''Well... it's a great movie.''

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