Avengers preference #5 The first ''I love you''

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It was after he came back from a mission. As soon as he came through the door you grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bathroom.

''Steve, did you get molded by a tiger?'' you asked while wiping the blood on his neck with a wet cloth. ''No, just HYDRA.'' Steve said and wrapped his arms around your waist.

''I love you.'' he said quietly after a few moments of silence. ''I love you too, Cap.'' you said and gave him a sweet kiss. ''Now, let's get you out of that suit.''


Nat was chilling on the couch and watching some TV show while you were in kitchen baking cookies. You arranged the baked cookies on the plate brought it to the living room. ''They're so good!'' Natasha said with her mouth full. ''Grandma's old recipe.'' ''Well y/n, your grandma was a genius!''

After you two were done with eating she put her arm around you and pulled you closer. ''Babygirl, I love you so much and I'll always protect you, OK?'' she suddenly spoke with adoration in her eyes. ''I know, I love you, too!''


Tony was in his lab researching about a terrorist that has threatening him. ''Honey, you got a minute?'' you stood leaning on the door frame hoping he does. ''Yeah, smiles. What's bothering my girl?'' ''It's just... look, you've been in here for the last three days. You need to take it easy.'' you said and kissed his shoulder. ''Y/n I know. But I'm scared you'll get hurt. I need to find him.'' Tony said taking his hands in mine. ''I love you, Tony.'' you took a huge step. You really did love him. ''I love you too, y/n. I couldn't stand losing you.''


He was sitting on a chair in the kitchen twirling a key in his hands. ''OK, what's wrong?'' you asked him. ''It's this key. It came in the mail.'' ''Is there's a key, there must be a lock.'' ''Thanks Sherlock!'' Clint rolled his eyes and pulled you in his lap. ''I love you. Even if you're not Sherlock.'' he teased you and you giggled. ''I love you too.'' you said and kissed him.


Y/n - your name

I didn't put Thor or Bruce because I didn't have inspiration so I'm really sorry.

Also high five if you got some references I put in. :*

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