Steve Rogers imagine #3 Pancakes and lightsabers

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This chapter is dedicated to Marvel_Is_Perfection.

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*third person POV*

Y/n was at home sitting on a sofa waiting for her boyfriend Steve to come and pick her up. Today was their 6 month anniversary and they planned it two weeks ago. Steve promised her he was gonna take her to a proper date which hasn't happened in a while because of HYDRA. Those guys ruin everything!

She smoothed her knee length, dark red dress and stared at the door. Steve was 10 minutes late which was weird because Steve's always a little early. With all her strength, Y/n believed her prince in shining armor was going to show up.

Another 10 minutes passed. Then 20. 30. Y/n was now furious and disappointed. Did he actually forget? She took off her shoes and stormed into her bedroom. She took off her makeup which took a lot of time to perfect and then she changed into her pyjamas and laid in her bed.

"Why? Why do I get stood up? Out of all people?" Y/n said in disappointment and grabbed her laptop. Since Steve wasn't thinking of showing up, she decided she would catch up on her favourite cartoon called Archer. That extremely idiotic secret agent named Sterling Archer could definitely cheer her up and bring a smile to her face. Seriously, he's the best!

The next two days Y/n ignored all of Steve's calls and texts. It was a little bitchy, but she was hurt. You just can't forget about an anniversary! God damn it!

On another note, Steve was losing his fricking mind. He didn't know what he did wrong. "Why is she mad? And why right now? We have an anniversary coming up, why- Oh...." Steve suddenly remembered. He mentally cursed at himself. It was all his fault. He forgot his and Y/n's six month anniversary. So he started making a plan to make up for his idiotic action.

It's currently Saturday morning and Y/n was woken up by something crashing in the kitchen. She quickly got out of her bed and put on her plaid shirt. Then she the first thing she could use as a weapon and headed towards the kitchen.

She walked in slowly and saw a familiar blond superhero making pancakes. He heard her footsteps and turned around with a smile on his face.

"Oh Hey, doll. Why are you up so early?" Steve happily chimed at her.

"Oh gee, I don't know. Maybe because somebody is breaking something really loudly in my kitchen?" she asked sarcastically and then continued, "What are you even doing, in here?"

Steve sighed and picked up a bundle of red roses. Then he walked towards her and kissed her cheek. "I know forgot about our anniversary and I'm terribly sorry, so I thought I'd come in here, make you breakfast in bed and give you roses and you'd forgive me?" He smiled sweetly.

"Huh, Steve, I was hurt you forgot. Even icecream didn't cheer me up. Icecream!"

"Wow, I really screwed up, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but don't worry, I forgive you."

"You're the best, babe. Don't ever forget that!" Steve wrapped his arms around her waist. After a few moments of silence, Steve asked, "Why are you holding a lightsaber?"

"Oh I was hoping to wound the intruder with it."

"Hahaha, ok. Maybe we can get Stark to make you a real one."

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