Bucky Barnes imagine: Shame on him for ruining our fairytale!

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Wow! I don't update for a 2 days and I come back and see that i have 2.29K views! Thank you guys! Special thanks to Lovelylittlelightsy for requesting this imagine. I really enjoyed writing pre!Winter Soldier Bucky.


Tonight was the last night you got to spend with Bucky before he gets shipped to England, which was tomorrow morning.

After applying your makeup, you put on your dress and sat on the sofa to wait for Bucky. Not soon after you heard a knock on your door. You almost ran to door and opened it in a swift move.

''Hey, doll! This Is for you.'' Bucky said and handed you a red rose. You squealed and threw his arms around him. He was surprised by the attack which made him take a step back so you two don't fall down.

''So where are you taking me, Sarge?'' you asked as you two were making your way down the street with his arm around your waist. ''Curiosity killed the cat.'' ''But I'm not a cat!'' you immediately defended yourself and hopped he would tell you where you're going. Bucky chuckled and reminded you that there's a carnival in town this weekend. ''And that's where we're going?'' ''Yes, doll. That's where going.''

At the carnival Bucky made you go on all of the rides with him which you enjoyed to the max. Now you two decided to take a break and get some popcorn.

You sat down on bench and seconds after Bucky followed and wrapped his arms around your waist.

''Bucky?'' ''Hmm?'' ''I need you to promise me one thing.'' you said in a anxious tone. ''Anything for you cutie.'' ''Promise me you'll return home in one piece.'' ''I promise. There's no need to be worried.'' Bucky tried to calm you down. ''How can I not be worried? This stupid war! I wish it never happened.'' you barely choked out before tears flooded your eyes. Bucky put his index finger underneath your chin and lifted your head up.

''Shame on him for ruining our fairytale!'' he joked and you laughed with him. ''I promise I'll come back because I love you and you mean the world to me. The next time you see me you'll be looking at a war survivor and a winner. Everything's going to be okay.'' Once he was finished he lowered his head and gave the sweetest kiss you could've imagined.

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