Avengers preference #11 Favourite Supernatural character

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Oh my god, guys! Over 6k views? Thank you so much, you amazing meatballs! I know you're not Chris Evans, but still.

It's snowing where I live and today, as I was going home, the snow was falling directly in my face and it made my mascara trickle down my cheeks. It looked like I was crying. Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing!

So tell me in the comments who's your favourite Spn character and why!




Sam is Thor's favourite character because he's brave, goofy and always ready to help. Thor has denied Sam's his favourite because he held the Mjolnir in one episode, but you know it's true.



Bucky like Cas the most because he is always by Dean's side just like Bucky was next to Steve.


Meg and Ruby

She just can't decide between these two because they're amazing and really sassy and tricky. The reasons are also them being strong female characters.



The main reason Clint loves Garth is because he's a little shit. Surprise, surprise. He always rewatches all of the episode with him in it.



Dean's love for cars and booze never fails to amaze Tony. He's actually the reasons Tony agreed to watch the show with you.



Bobby, being the only reasonable person like Bruce, made Bruce adore him through the seasons.



Charlie is Steve's favourite because of her quirkiness and fight to prove herself as a hunter.

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