Marvel preference #1 The thing you love the most about him

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Here's the first preference about Johnny, Peter, other Peter, Johnny, Logan and Wade. Tell me if you like it and don't be shy to request preferences or oneshots. You request it and I write it!

I will be updating more on weekends because of school and the shit load of homework I get.


Peter Parker

Him being shy

It is always adorable to see his shyness. You always think that that's adorable and can't stop yourself from hugging or kissing him. He was acting shy when he asked you out which made you instantly say yes.

Peter Quill

His singing voice

It's no a secret that Peter likes to sing all the songs from his Awesome mix. He always pulls you up to dance with him, but when the song is slower he wraps his arms around you and sings softly to your ear.

Logan (Wolverine)

His bone claws

Everybody finds Logan's claws intimidating, but you don't. You always ask him to pull them out, which he's hesitant about, but he ends up doing it anyways. While touching the cold adamantium claws you always remember his many times he protected you with them.

Johnny Storm

His snarky comebacks

You've always knew Johnny's not being mean when he throws his snarky comments around. Luckily, you know how to hit back with even sassier remarks which makes you two perfect for each other.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

His quirky personality

It's a fact that Wade can never be still or quiet for more than 30 seconds. His apartment is never silent because he's always doing something. You always get fascinated by the stories he tells you about places where he's been, people he met *cough* executed *cough* or you just crack up because of the jokes he tells you. The time you spend without Wade is just boring and really, really quiet.

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