Avengers preference #17 You get sick

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Honestly, this was the worst week I ever had, but thank God I'm on spring break now and I'll be busy writing a lot. So watch out!

I'm still not taking requests.



When you're sick, he knows exactly what to do. All of those times he took care of Steve when he was sick finally pay off. (Relationship goals)

Sammy (I'm calling him Sammy from now on. Deal with it.)

Sammy always sticks with the home remedies which his grandma taught him. A lot of blankets, hot soup, shit load of tea (I know NicoleBrown541 just made a weird face 'cause she hates tea.) and a lot of cuddling to help you get better.


Since he's an Asgardian and overall a demigod, he didn't really grasp the concept of the threat called the flu. Now that he's familiar with it, he makes sure you take your medicine and when you have a fever and feel cold, he's always quick to hold you in his arms and keep you nice and cozy.


On the outside he seems calm, but on the inside he's worried. There's always a possibility it could be something more serious. He takes you to see a doctor and, at home, he fuses over every move you make.

I have no inspiration for today. I'll try again tomorrow. Sleep tight, don't let the Black Widows bite!

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