Don't tease me like that, Rogers!

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This one is from my tumblr. I was asked for a oneshot with Steve, but I'm too lazy to write another one so here's a sexy Steve oneshot.

I named the character Samantha because the person who requested it on tumblr wanted it that way.

Warning: making out, clothes disappearing...


Lately, Samantha’s mind has been all over the place. Thoughts of a tall, muscular, blonde haired superhero flirting with her, simply kept dragging her into daydreaming state of mind.

Steve is always around her. He never leaves her out of his sight. During breakfast his hand ”accidentally” brushed over hers. The sweet nothings that slipped off his tongue were just little hints with which he tried to express his love for Samantha.

And Samantha? Every time Steve said something sweet or cheeky, she would blush or look down at her feet. There’s no doubt in her mind about Steve. He’s sweet, reliable, a pure gentleman and let’s not forget about his gorgeous face and an amazing toned body.

Suddenly, she stopped imagining herself kissing his plump lips and decided to go and turn her fantasies into reality. She made her down the hallway and stopped in front of the closed door of Steve’s room. Taking a deep breath, she gripped the door knob and opened them in a swift move. Her eyes landed on Steve standing at the foot of his bed holding a shirt in his hand.

”Uh… Hi.” Samantha barely choked out as her eyes scanned Steve’s naked upper body.

”Hey, doll.” He stepped closer to her. ”What brings you here?” Then he reached behind her to shut the door.

”Actually you.” She said full of confidence. ”You drive me crazy, Rogers. With your ”accidental” touching. And the all of the sexy things you say to me… I can’t hold myself back anymore.” Samantha was now looking at him seductively. Her hand made its way to the base of Steve’s abs where her thumb glided over his v-line.

”Is that so?” Steve teased her. He knew how flustered she gets so he put his hand on hip and crashed his lips into hers. Before he knew it, Steve was pushed to lay on the bed as Samantha straddled his hips.

”Don’t tease me like that, Rogers!” Samantha hissed at him. He slid his hands under her shirt and took it off in a matter of seconds. She lowered down and started kissing his neck. When she found the sweet spot, Steve groaned in pleasure awakening Samantha’s lust more and more.

She looked up him and threw all of her hair over her right shoulder. As she was doing that, Steve gripped her waist again and rolled on top of her. He dipped his head down and dragged his lips over her collarbones. Then he opened his mouth just a little to nibble at her soft skin.

Everything was perfect for both of them. Steve finally got what he wanted and Samantha’s daydreams truly turned into reality. The rest of the time they spent locked in his room was hot, heavy and filled with heavy breathing. *wink* *wink*

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