Avengers preference #19 - They dress up as another avenger

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*Picture of a Dorito holding a Dorito*

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for not updating, I was busy. This idea is horrible, like seriously horrible. I didn't do everybody and I'm sorry about that.

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I have a new book and it's called Marvel relationship headcanons. I haven't updated it yet, but I'll start soon.



After a rough day at SHIELD you were finally home. You opened the door of yours and Clint's shared bedroom and had something to see.

"Ooh! Look at me! I'm Natasha. I'm the prettiest Avenger!" he said in a mocking girly voice. He was wearing a black leather catsuit which was zipped up to his cleavage, even though he was lacking in that department.

You let out the most ridiculous laugh possible and he immediately turned to look at you. The way the red wig he was wearing flew around his face made you laugh even harder. You fell down on your knees and clutched your stomach.

Once you were done laughing, Clint made you promise not to tell anybody.


You were sitting in the living room and enjoying your day off when you heard a loud bang followed by a "HULK SMASH" being said in a deep voice.

It couldn't be Bruce since he's on a vacation with Tony. You set your book down and walked into one of the labs. Your eyes landed on your boyfriend Thor who was shirtless and painted green.

"Is there a problem, my goddess?" he said sweetly. Even though he was green, you could see the pink colour creeping on his cheeks.

"No, no..." you trailed off. "Just don't break anything."


You were trying to find Tony, but it felt like the earth swallowed him. You decided to check his lab once again. While you were walking down the corridor, you kept hearing the sound of metal bouncing of walls.

You snuck inside his lab and immediately pressed your hand to your mouth in attempt to stop yourself from laughing. Then you pulled out your phone and took a picture of Tony dressed in a vintage Captain America uniform. You accidentally made a mistake by not turning the falsh off.

"Y/N! Did you just-"

"Yep!" you giggled and sprinted out of the lab. Once the coast was clear, you looked at the picture. It was pure gold. Tony looked like a majestic patriot with the shield on his arm and his profile turned to you.


You accidentally cut yourself on a sheet on paper when you were sorting out the files Coulson asked for. You walked into the kitchen to get a band-aid, but instead you saw your boyfriend Sam crouching on the counter dressed as Spiderman and pretending to shoot webs out of his wrists.

"Uh, hi, Y/n." he greeted and looked down from embarrassment. You cracked a huge smile at the sight.

"Sam, baby, you do look amazing in that skin tight suit, but please get your feet of the counter."

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