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First of all

Sorry for the lack of updates. I go to one of the prestige schools in my country and I have to study a lot, so I can't update very often.

I do try writing things over the week and publishing it over the weekend when I'm home and don't have to study. I'll try my best.

Second of all

You know my self promoting crazy trash ass, so I have an announcement. I'm starting with the new book called "Game of Thrones imagines and preferences". (I'm Game of Thrones trash AF!)

The thing is, there is so little of GOT imagines and preferences here on Wattpad and I'm hoping to change that.

So if you're a fan, please go check it out. ❤

Third and last of all

I'm still doing smut here. Please, if you're requesting a smut one shot, do it in the chapter titled "Smut + Q&A" so I have them all in one place.

I'll try to update next weekend. Thank you all for managing to deal with me for so long. I really appreciate you reading my books! ❤

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