Wolverine imagine #1 I guess I'm a master of disasters!

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Logan imagine! Yay! I saw a prompt for an imagine like this on Tumblr so I gave it a go because I had a shitty day today and I need to get my frustrations out.

Have you guys seen the Fantastic Four trailer? I actually started hyperventilating because I got too excited. I just can't wait for the movie!


I was walking down the corridor of the X-mansion back to my room. I got a lot of stinky glances from people but I still kept chin up and finally reached my room. As I reached it, I slammed the door shut and collapsed on my bed. What's their problem? I thought to myself and buried my face in the pillows.

You see, I am a mutant, but much powerful and more dangerous than others in this place. Professor said something about a class 5, but I don't know anything about that. Everybody is scared of me! My powers are controlling the elements, freezing stuff, absorbing energy, creating energy balls and to top it off I have a healing ability. See. Dangerous. I thought I was going to fit in this school for mutants, but I guess it's not gonna happen.

Few moments after I heard a knock on my door. ''Hey, Yn, you okay?'' Logan spoke from the other side of the door. ''Yeah.'' I answered coldly in hope he would leave me alone. ''Can I come in?'' he asked and I huffed. Then I heard the door opened and the sound of heavy footsteps filling the room. The bed shifted as he sat down on the edge.

''Are you gonna tell me what's wrong or do I have to get it out of you?'' ''I don't want to talk about it, Logan.'' ''Do you want to talk to Scott then?'' ''Oh god no!'' I screeched and sat up. Logan knew that would make me talk because I don't get along with Scott. And neither does he.

''Everybody hates me.'' I looked down at my hands. ''I don't feel excepted. Why am I the class 5 mutant? What did I do to deserve this?'' Now tears were stinging my eyes. Logan scooted closer and tilted my head up so I was looking at him.

''First of all nobody hates you, well except Magneto, but that's another story. Everybody is intimidated by you. It's not your fault you're so powerful. You were born to do great things.'' ''Like destroy the south wing and freeze the entire danger room?'' Which was an accident, thank you very much! Logan chuckled and said ''Yes, exactly. And help the team during missions, but you do have an appetite for destruction.'' ''I guess I'm a master of disasters!'' I sighed and we both laughed.

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