Avengers preference #12 You have a fangirl moment

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So like am I only one with the bitch face syndrome or? This makes it really hard to take selfies. Excuse me while I whine forever.



When you have a fangirl moment, if it's about the thing he also likes, he joins you and then you talk about the thing for hours.


He never knows what to do. Should he try to calm you? Should he ask what's wrong? He has no clue.


Tony always watches you with an amused look. One time he recorded you which ended unfortunately. For him.


Bucky is used to you being a hardcore fangirl so he just sits next to you, holding your hand and letting you let out all of the feels.


When you first fangirled in front of him, he couldn't understand what was going on. But now he just watches you with a goofy grin on his face.


She listens to you blab about the thing that made you start fangirling in the first place.


He hugs you tightly and tells you that everything's okay. Or will be.

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