Tony Stark imagine: My dad does my makeup

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Hey! I just wanted to write this because I saw IISuperwomanII's video where her dad does her makeup and I thought it was cute so I couldn't resist.

It's Friday and I've just finished watching the episodes of Supernatural I've missed. I logged on my Facebook fanpage and asked the people what they want to see in my new video which I'm planning on uploading to my YouTube channel tomorrow. Half an hour later I got a bunch of comments that were mostly requesting My boyfriend does my makeup tag. That'd make a great video, if I had a boyfriend.

Suddenly an idea made her way to my head. I jumped of my bed and pulled my makeup from the bathroom. I made my bed and set the makeup at the foot of it. Then I got my tripod and my camera and set it in front of the bed.

''Where's dad?'' I asked Pepper, Jane and Nat who where sitting in the living room and talking. Probably about dad, Thor and Clint. They can be real troublemakers sometimes! ''Have you checked his lab?'' Pepper asked and took a sip of her white wine. ''Yes. He's not there.'' I answered and puckered my lips. ''Mister Stark is in the garage.'' ''Thank you J.A.R.V.I.S.'' I muttered and said goodbye to the girls.

I made my way to the garage and called my dad several times. No answer. ''Dad! My forehead is bleeding!'' I screeched and he instantly jumped up and ran towards me. ''Your forehead is fine.'' he sighed once he got a better look at me. ''I know. I just needed your attention.'' ''Well, couldn't you call?'' ''I did, but you didn't answer!'' I smiled at him and he glared at me, but then he chuckled and said ''You're a great actress you know that? So what's up?'' ''Well I wanted to ask you to help me with a video for my channel.'' I said anxiously. ''Did you do your homework?'' ''Yes.'' ''You swear?'' ''Yes!'' ''Ok then.''

I took his hand and dragged him back to my room. ''Sit here.'' I said and pointed to my bed. ''Sweetie, what are we exactly doing?'' he asked oblivious. I turned on the camera and focused it. Then I sat on my bed next to my dad. ''You'll see.'' I answered and he rolled his eyes.

''Ok. Take one.'' I took a deep breath and continued. ''Hello children of the internet! I'm Y/n Stark aka The Irongirl here on YouTube and I'm here with here with...'' I pointed to my dad. ''The person who gave birth to you!'' dad continued instead and we both laughed. ''Yes, the person who gave birth to me!'' I repeated and we laughed even more. ''An hour ago I asked you on Facebook what you guys want to see and the majority of you answered My boyfriend does my makeup tag. Since I don't have a boyfriend-'' ''Thank god!'' dad interrupted me and smiled when I glared at him. ''Since I don't have a boyfriend I got my dad to do it instead.'' I finally finished my sentence. ''This is gonna be fun!'' dad said and rubbed his hands together. I gave the camera a stare just like the one from The Office.

''Ok what do I do now?'' he asked after he was done with my foundation. ''Whatever you want.'' I shrugged my shoulders. ''What's this for?'' he asked and picked up a spully. ''Eyebrows.'' ''Wait? You have to do your eyebrows too?'' dad widened his eyes. ''How about you do my eyeliner first?'' ''Sure. How do I do that?''

Once I explained it to him he did it flawlessly. ''My god! I can never get it this even! How'd you do it?'' I asked him in wonder. ''A steady hand of an engineer, I guess.'' he said and picked up a pinkish shade of my favorite lipstick. I puckered up and get started applying it.

''So that's it for this weeks video. Um... my makeup looks pretty much okay.'' ''So I did a good job?'' ''You did alright for a beginner.'' I said and he wrapped his arm around my waist. ''Will you do the honors?'' I asked and pointed to the camera. ''Oh yeah. See you next week, children of the internet! And maybe next time she'll get Capsicle to do her makeup.'' he said and smirked. Then I turned the camera off and took out my phone. We took a selfie and I posted it on instagram with a caption ''Just finished filming this weeks video with my dad!!! It will be posted tomorrow morning!''

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