Marvel preference #6 You make him watch Supernatural

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Third update today. Woohoo!

I have an undying love for Supernatural and I just had to do it!


I won't be updating until Friday because of school and other personal issues, but I still take preference and oneshot request!

Thank you adorable people for reading this story and supporting me I am extremely grateful! At first I thought this book will fail just like my Johnny Storm fanfic, but I'm glad this is going somewhere. Thank you once again!


You look really cute today! Oh who am I kidding? You're always cute! Love you all!


Peter Quill

You bought 9 seasons of Supernatural on DVD from some weird dude on the black market on. You watched it and completely fell in love with the show.

After nagging Peter to watch it with you, he was amazed how Earth changed. He couldn't believe how much the tv got better. Both of you watched all of the seasons twice and now you looking for more of them.


When you made a proposition for Supernatural, he declined. After endless begging he still didn't want to watch it with you. So naturally, or should I say Supernaturally, you sat him down in the living room and forced him to watch 2 seasons.

The time passed and the show started to grow on him. His favourite character is Bobby and when he died, Logan was upset for 3 days straight.


When you asked him to watch it with you he instantly said yes. I mean it's a horror/ drama. Exactly the thing Wade's into.

He ended up being furious with John Winchester, a scum of the earth, as he called him and started shipping Destiel. Hard. He drew Destiel fanart and even wrote fanfics.

Peter Parker

Peter was staying at your place for the night and while you were on Tumblr he kept asking you about the show the whole Tumblr was buzzing about. You explained to him what it was and he got really interested so you showed him the first season. Now you always get together to watch the new episodes.

Johnny Storm

Supernatural just wasn't Johnny's thing until you threatened him to never make out with him again if he doesn't watch it. It was kinda harsh, but hey, it's Supernatural! There have been a few times you caught him watching it and he made you swear not to tell Ben.

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