Brock Rumlow (Crossbones) imagine #1 Breaking free

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Author's note

I know I kinda took a big break and I'm sorry about that. I just needed to take a break from everything. Thank you for being patient.

This wasn't a request, but I wrote a Rumlow imagine because I got major Brock feels... I honestly don't know what's wrong with me. Why is the hot one always the villain?

I'm not following a story line from the comics or the MCU.


I woke up in cold, dark room second week in a row. HYDRA kidnapped me because they found out I was working with new, underground SHIELD. The agents come in and punch, kick and hurt me in every way they know. Even Brock, the man I dated before HYDRA was exposed, before the world went crazy.

The heavy cell door opened and the agent turned on the bright LED lights. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I realized that Brock was towering over me. Fear was spreading through me as he stared coldly. Suddenly he kneeled down and brought his hand towards my face. I flinched away thinking he was going to hit me again. But he didn't. Instead he caressed my cut cheek with the back of his hand.

"Well you got a nice ass beating," he chuckled and then ordered me to look at him. I obeyed knowing that another ass beating might happen if I don't.

Worry and compassion were plastered on his face instead of his blank, passive expression. He reached behind me and set my wrists free from the rusty chains with which I was tied to a brick wall.

"Wh- Why are you doing this, Rumlow," I stuttered. "Does it really matter? Now tell me which one is broken," Brock said and pointed to my legs. "Right leg, but it does matter. What are you planning on doing to me," I asked maybe too much since he wasn't planning on answering.

Brock took off his jacket and wrapped it around me. Then he picked me up bridal style and I moaned from the pain. He was carrying me down a hall when he decided to answer my question, "First of all, I'm sorry for having to beat you up. Second of all, Rollins and I thought about what you said. You were right, HYDRA did manipulate us into joining them, so we're try to make this right. Because of SHIELD and most importantly because of you. And third of all, Rollins and I were left here to watch you, but we made a plan for him to disable all the video and audio feed and to burn this place down once we get you out."

I softened at his words. I knew there was good left in them. I knew they're still human! But wait! "What do you mean burn the facility down," I asked because I was worried. Are they planning a suicide? What's wrong with them?

"There's a hidden wooden house in the forrest outside where I'm taking you. When we get there, Rollins will get out of the facility and blow it up. We extracted the data and you need to hold onto it," he said and gave me a flash drive. I felt relieved knowing that they're going to be safe. And keep me safe.

Brock opened the main door and stepped into the snow. The snow was reaching up to his knees. I asked him about the footprints and how they'll find us. Then he explained how we'll take the main road and then follow the trails the hunters made which are close to the house.

We were walking for approximately 2 and a half hours. I could tell Brock was tired and I insisted I could walk, but he wouldn't listen. "We're almost there," he kept repeating. And not long after we stood in front of the wooden house. Through the window I could see the furniture inside covered with sheets. I guess this place hasn't been visited in a while.

He set me down on the porch and unlocked the from door. Then he picked me up again, carried me inside and closed the door with his foot. The house smelled like pine trees and it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. Brock kissed me out of the blue, started walking upstairs and muttered, "Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

To be continued... (only if you want me to)

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