Parental Preference #2 - First Word

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Peter Parker

Peter just finished bathing you and drying you off. Then he procedeed to put your pyjamas on, but you weren't cooperative at all!

"Please, sweetie. Be still for a moment." he pleaded. You har enough of it and threw your teddy bear at him. Peter pretended to fake cry.

You felt sorry and crawled over to him and wrapped your tiny arms around his neck. Sighing softly, you croaked out "Crybaby."



Loki knew it was time. But he was still hesitant about bringing you to see the Avengers. Once they all saw you, well, basically they fought over you. Everyone wanted to hold you or play with you.

At the end of the night, Loki basically had to rip you out of (favourite Avenger)'s arms. "So how do you like them?" he asked you. You just narrowed you little eyes.

"Humans." you sighed heavily.

"Oh, she's definitely yours!" Stark said offended.

Sam Wilson

Sam sat on the floor opposite of you. The reason is that you've been mumbling something for the past few days and he just had a feeling you'd say your first word today.

"C'mon, baby. What were you going to say?" he cooed as he held his phone to record it.

"Stuff." you said like it was no big deal as you returned your attention to the Avengers action figures.

He chuckled and asked "Oh. You were going to say stuff?" he laughed. You only nodded and picked up a Black Widow action figure.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda held you on her hip as she was making breakfast. She rocked you once in a while which made you smile.

Vision came through the door and kissed both Wanda's and your cheeks. "Android!" you pointed your finger at him and started laughing.

"No, Y/N! That's your daddy."




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