Avengers/Supernatural crossover part 2

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Hey I'm baaaaaack! Special thanks to ginger300 for the request. Sorry for all the drama that was happening, I was too stressed out and I'm sorry I took it out on you guys.

Anyways, I have a Peter Parker imagine (smut-ish) to write and then I was planning on doing the outfit preferences, but if you guys want I can do a chapter where I'll answer your questions.

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"Okay, Pepper. Can you tell us how Y/N disappeared?" Dean desperately tried to string the pieces of the story together.

The thing is, Y/N disappeared three days ago and The Avengers had no clue how or why. Tony, Nat and even Bucky suspect it's HYDRA, but Dean of course doesn't. He even dragged Sammy and Cas all the way to New York.

"T-the n-night you went back to the hotel, Y/N said she's going to bed and when I went to say goodnight she wasn't there. She couldn't disappear in a time span of 7 minutes!" Her voice was shaking as she barely finished her sentence. Tony was immediately by her side gently rubbing her back. He barely managed to stay calm. His only daughter, his favourite person in the world was kidnapped under his nose!

"Did you feel the temperature drop? Or maybe found cold spots? Anything weird?" Sam butted in. His interrogation routine was getting the best of him.

"No. We didn't notice anything."

"Okay, did anyone else notice something?" Sam turned to look at the rest of Avengers including Peter, other Sam, Bucky and Loki. They all shook their heads except Loki. His eyes were filled with mischief.

"Oh don't make me laugh, mortals. If you were the real FBI you wouldn't be asking this stupid questions!" Loki crossed his arms and chuckled.

Thor gave him a stern look and snarled at him. "Brother, have care how you speak! These men are helping us. Don't be a fool."

"I'm just being honest."

Tony was about to say something, but Dean was quicker.

"Listen to me, raindeer games, if you don't want to help, stay out of this!" Dean was brutally honest. Tony couldn't help but to smile. He was proud of the choice his daughter made. But as soon as he remembered her his smile faded.

Dean's cellphone started to ring just like on que. He looked at it and saw Crowley's caller ID. He answered the call and didn't even have to say something.

"If you want your girlfriend back, meet me in Central Park. And be ready to perform an exorcism." Crowley blurted out and hung up.

Sam: "Who was it."

Dean: "Crowley."

Loki: "Ah, the king of hell himself."

Nat: "King of hell?"

Sam: "Umm... Well you see..."

Cas: "It's real. Everything. Heaven, hell, monsters, demons, everything."

The Avengers were speechless. They didn't believe what they were hearing mostly because it couldn't be true. After the awkward tension Bucky was heard.

"Werewolfs? Vampires?"

Sam: "Yeah, and shape shifters, wendigos, mythology. Everything."

Bucky: "Would you look at that! Steve told me I was imagining the howling of the werewolves."

Steve: "That was a normal dog!"

Bucky: "Punk, please. I know what I heard."

Steve: "Jerk."

"Okay enough," Tony yelled and stood up, "what's got Y/N?"

"Crowley. He said she's possessed. We're gonna have to bring her here and do the thing." Dean said hesitantly and put his hands in his pockets.

"Do the thing? Kill her?" Pepper screeched.

"No, no, no. Exorcise her. We're not killing her." Dean calmed both Pepper and Tony.

"What happens to her after?" Natasha asked.

"The demon possessing her gets send to hell and Y/N will be fine."

*Two hours later*

"I'm going to ask you one last time. Why did Crowley let Y/N get possessed?" Dean yelled at the demon in Y/N body.

"He didn't. I just wanted to meet the famous Winchesters." the demon laughed maniacally.

Dean was getting impatient so he just decided to put the end to it. First he glanced at Tony and then started to chant the Latin exorcism. Black smoke filled the room and only seconds after Y/N's eyes were back to her y/e/c ones.

Tony came to her without hesitation and untied her. He muttered a thanks to Dean and hugged Y/N tightly.

"It's okay. You're okay now."

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