Avengers preference #21 - Your child comes out (part 1)

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Your son/daughter comes out as gay - Requested #lovewins


"I'm gay." your son confessed and looked shyly at you and Nat.

"Oh, honey, it's okay. Y/n and I support you 100 percent." Natasha said and pulled your son into her embrace.


"Mom, dad..." your daughter trailed off, "I'm a lesbian."

"And that's okay, there's nothing to worry about." you said as you wrapped your arms around her.

"Just don't bring girls home because they might turn straight when they see me." Tony joked and joined into the group hug.

"You wish."


"I'm gay and I kind of have a boyfriend." your son announced and rubbed the back of his neck.

After a moment of silence Steve spoke up: "Are we gonna meet him soon?"

"Maybe, if you're okay with it."

"Honey, of course we are." you stood up and hugged him.


"Yeah, um, so I'm gay." he said and looked at the floor. Wanda walked over to him and lifted his head up so he would look at her.

"It's fine, baby. Look at me and your mom. Everything is fine."


"Mom, dad. I'm gay." she said and sat between you and Thor.

"Gay as in happy?" Thor asked confused.

"No, dad. I like girls. I'm a lesbian."

"Oh, my child. I appreciate you sharing this with us and we want you to be happy."


"It's hard for me to say this." your son sat a kitchen table opposite from you and Sam. "I'm gay."

"Hey, we support you buddy. You don't have to be scared."


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