Marvel preference #3 How you cuddle

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I know I did the same one with The Avengers, but I just couldn't resist writing it for this version.

I should be studying for physics right now and here I am writing this and listening to Fall Out Boy instead. Hahahah



Logan isn't the type who is always up for cuddling, but you always manage to bring out his soft side. You two always cuddle in the bed before falling asleep. He pulls you in his arms and you rest your head on his chest.

Peter Quill

No matter where you are, Peter will always stand behind you, wrap his muscular arms around you and nuzzle your neck. He always makes you feel safe, plus people always talk how cute you two are.

Johnny Storm

Spooning is just simply his thing. Johnny always presses his front to your back and holds you firmly, but he's always careful not to hurt you. He plays with the hem of your shirt and sometimes he lifts it up and runs his fingertips up and down your stomach.

Wade Wilson

You always lay on your back and Wade lays on his side. He often drapes his arm over your stomach or he intertwines his fingers with yours. Of course, your cuddling sessions are never quiet because of constant talking, but that's what makes it interesting.

Peter Parker

Peter is quite an affectionate person. He is all for cuddling and kissing. He always has his arms around you or on the small of your back. Sometimes, he kisses your cheek or your forehead which you return with nuzzling his chest or his neck.

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