Avengers imagine #2 I can't think of a title

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Request by apolloshikus. I made it a little bit Reader X Thor, I hope you don't mind. And it's loooooong. *whispers* Over 700 words.

Um... so the reader has cancer (just a heads up). I don't know a lot about how the person with cancer feels physically or emotionally so please don't judge this imagine. I tried, OK? I'm also sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.


It's funny how your life changes in a such a short period of time. You see, yesterday I found out I have lung cancer. I should've known. A few of the signs were there, the coughing, weakness, nausea... The only bright side to this torture was that it was treatable and I had a lot of support from my team. The Avengers.

They were all at the doctor's office with me when the doctor announced it. My usual indifferent expression broke apart and tears that filled my eyes threatened to spill. Natasha's arms were immediately wrapped around me giving me as much comfort I could register in that moment. And when I got home, everybody promised that they're going to help me and make it easier for me as much as they can. Truth to be told, I broke down crying. I cried more than ever!


I was slowly making way towards the kitchen when I heard my being called. I turned around only to see Tony with a bunch of bags in his hands. "Shorty, I got you something!" he grinned and walked towards me. "Tony, you shouldn't have. But what is it?" my lips curved into small smile because his gifts are always awesome. "I knew you'd be interested. I got you everything! New laptop, new phone, new tablet, so many shoes, that badass leather jacket you wanted, band merch and your favourite ice cream." Tony said proudly. "Oh my goodness!" I whispered to myself. "Why so much stuff? I don't deserve all of this!" I barely made out before I coughed. "Y/N, don't be silly! You do deserve all of this! It's my way of showing you love and support and plus, you're my favourite Avenger!" "Thank you, Tony." I managed to hug him despite all the bags he had on him and then I took the ice cream from his hands and finally got to the kitchen.

At the kitchen island were sitting Steve and Clint. Their attention was instantly turned towards me. "How are you feeling, Bluebird?" asked Clint softly. "Ah, same as yesterday just a little less shaken." I admitted. "Hey, can one of you give me juice, I can't reach that far up." "Sure, I got it." Steve was quick on his feet. "Orange or raspberry?" "Raspberry." "Honestly, Steve. Why do you even ask?" Clint mocked Steve. "Oh, and I need a spoon." Steve pulled one out of the drawer and gave it too me.

Just as I said thanks, Thor appeared behind me and scooped me in up in his arms. "Lady Y/N!" he smiled sweetly. "What is the fair maiden up to?" "Getting juice." I smiled and he nodded. "To where should I carry the brave warrior?" he let out a battle cry which made me giggle. "To her chambers!" I mimicked his Asgardian accent, but I always had a feeling his accent sounds a bit Australian. "As the warrior wishes."

As he stepped into my large and obviously nicely decorated room, mine and his eyes were stuck on the bags filled with gifts which were resting on my bed. "Man of Iron?" Thor asked looked at me and raised his eyebrow. I smiled widely and said "Of course, who else?" We both giggled and he moved the bags to the floor which left me impressed. It's not easy holding me up and moving heavy stuff around! Then he sat me on the middle of the bed and turned around to leave.

"Wait! Can you stay? I could use company right now." I screeched and was thrown in a coughing fit. He sat down next to me and rubbed my back gently with his huge warm hand. He handed me the bottle of juice and I drank it fast to soothe my burning throat. "Better?" "A little. Thank you." "Anything for you. So what shall we do?" "I don't know. Pick a movie." I shrugged as a smile appeared on his face. "How about Lord of the Rings?" he suggested. "I had a feeling you'd say that."

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