Avengers imagine #1 You got it, patriotic old man!

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I'm back!

I posted this imagine on my tumblr and I'm planning on posting more marvel and supernatural imagines there. The username is in my bio.

Y/n - your name

Y/s/n - your superhero name


Being a teenage Avenger isn't always easy, but you're able to manage. It was a cold November night when Director Fury came to your house and talked to you about the Avengers initiative. At first your parents protested, but Fury ensured them you'll be fine because of 5 responsible people and Tony Stark. And that's how you became y/s/n.

Which brings us to today. You were on a mission with them 2 days ago when you were fighting this sucky villain and his dancing monkeys. God, it was so annoying! You kept fighting off the imbeciles with throwing fireballs at them and stopping bullets with your telekinesis. One bullet found its way to the soft flesh on your left shoulder.

Now you are at the Stark/Avengers tower recovering from the incident. Everybody's been extra careful and gentle towards you. Nat and Clint watched your favourite films and tv shows with you. Bruce changed your bandages and tended the wound carefully. Thor always brought a smile to your face with his shenanigans. Steve was the really overprotective one and kept blabbing about how you're too young to be a superhero. Natasha always shut him up easily. And Tony's been Tony. The same snarky billionaire who promised you a new laptop if you don't tell Fury what happened.

The next day all of the Avengers and you were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast. After Bruce finished examining your wound he bandaged it and went back to talking about science with Tony. Then Steve immediately started scolding you.

''Y/n, you really need to be more more careful'', he said and stood behind you gripping the back of your chair. You rolled your eyes and responded with ''I will next time.'' ''If aren't careful then there might not be a next time.'' You rolled your eyes again which Clint saw and burst into laughter. You smiled at him and stood up to look at Cap.

''Look Rogers, I can pretty much take care of myself.'' you said harshly. ''I know you can, but-'' ''You want me to be careful. You got it, patriotic old man.'' you cut him off, kissed his cheek and walked out. Steve stood there for a few moments in shock processing what just happened.

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