Contest winners!

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The contest is over and I believe that it's time to choose the winners!

All of the submissions were amazing and I could barely decide which ones I like the best.

I know I promised that I'd publish the first 3 one shots, but Wattpad is being a bitch and it won't let me do anything with the submissions. I even tried it on a computer and it still doesn't work, but I'll still publish your entries when I figure out how.

If the winners want, I can make you a personalized cover for one of your stories.

Okay back to the contest.

1st place: @AJDiAngelo - 100 years (Wade Wilson one shot)

2nd place: @she_elf1220 - Pebbles (Pietro Maximoff one shot)

3rd place: @kaeraewinchester - This Tiny Mortal (Loki one shot)

First and third place have their one shots on Wattpad and second place on AO3.

Thank you all for participating.

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