Parental preference #1 - DC Relations

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Requested - an Avenger is your parent & you're dating someone from the DC universe + their reaction to meeting them

Important - I don't want to see comments where you bash on DC. It's an amazing comic book universe & you don't have the right to bash on it because a lot of people grew up with DC and loved it way before they discovered Marvel. Hate will not be tolerated.

Please read the author's note at the end! It's important!


Bruce Wayne

When your dad Tony met your boyfriend Bruce, he was a bit skeptical, but when he saw how much Bruce loves and respects you, he gave you his blessing.

Nat & Clint (ship requested)

Oliver Queen

The dinner when they first met Oliver was almost like an interrogation, but they had to make sure that he was boyfriend material. At the end of the night Natasha figured that he's the vigilante, but she never said a word.


Diana Prince

Your dad Thor was just charmed and genuinely impressed by Diana. He claimed that she was worthy of dating you.


Clark Kent

Steve liked Clark as soon as he spoke. Clark was a gentleman all through the night and your dad was pleasantly surprised when Clark offered to help with the dishes. (Let's face it. Clark would totally do that.)


Laurel Lance

Bruce bonded with Laurel pretty quickly. He liked it she made you made you happy and was very interested in listening her talk about her job.


Barry Allen

Pietro kept teasing Barry a bit here and there. He even asked him:"You can't run really fast like me, can you?" Oh, but he didn't even know the beggining of it!


Hal Jordan

Your dad did like Hal, but he made it clear to him that if he wants to date his daughter, he has to get himself together. Which Hal did because he loves you too much.


Roy Harper

Your mum kept asking him what he does for living and stuff like that, but as she was convinced that he's good for you. She actually complemented him on his looks a few times.


The Joker

It was kind of a bad idea to introduce this two, but they hit it off. Loki ended up really liking Jack and all of his theories.


Does anyone ever read my author's notes?

Anyway, hello guys! Good news! Enrollment is over and I got into the school I wanted! Yay!

I was going to update this weekend, but I ended up in the hospital, but I'm fine now and there's nothing to worry about.

The important part: Would you guys be interested in a fan fic that's a crossover between Teen Wolf & Avengers? I was thinking of writing it & I need to know if you'd be interested in reading it.So basically here's how the story would go:

The Avengers are fighting the supernatural when Derek Hale (an alpha) helps them by protecting them and a beta werewolf, Archer Stark, who's also an avenger. Derek would become an avenger and teach them more about the supernatural creatures.

Ship: Derek Hale x OC (Archer Stark)

Please tell me if I should go through with the story. It seems like a good idea for a fan fic.

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