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Avengers preference #13 You get bullied

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Hey people! Long time no see!

I'm trying to finish the requests I got, but you can still send them in! I'm sorry I didn't have an idea for Bruce or Clint.

Here's the thing, I'm currently writing Avengers/Supernatural crossover for tumblr so I want you tell me do you want me post it here as well.

Have a great weekend!



When you get bullied, Loki makes you tell him who did it. After you confess, he makes sure the bullies are sorry.

Sam Wilson

Sam talks to you about it and tells you how he's always here for you.


Bucky eats icecream and watches your favourite show with you. It always makes you forget all about stupid things that happened.


He pulls you in his embrace and rocks you back and fourth. Then he bitches about horrible people these days.


He cracks jokes and takes you out for lunch just to make you forget about it.


Nat uses her spy skills to find the bully and threatens him not to touch you again.


He starts kissing you out of the blue. He knows his touch always calms you.

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