Marvel preference #5 What you do on rainy days

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Peter Parker

Peter makes hot chocolate and you both curl up under a fuzzy blanket and have a movie marathon. Halfway through the movie you end up having a make out session on the couch.


Rainy days are the days when you make Logan watch your favourite movies or tv shows. At first he tries to protest, but since he has a soft spot for you he always gives in.

Johnny Storm

Both of you play videogames or you stay in bed the whole day. When you do stay in bed you usually make out until you're both gasping for air or you something much more fun. *wink* *wink*

Peter Quill

When you actually are on a planet where it rains, you stay in his ship and talk about your lives on Earth. Both of you nearly cry when you remember your families and friends you haven't seen in a long time.


Wade, being the adorable dork he is, drags you outside and you end up dancing on the street like two idiots. You managed to catch a cold a few times so he had to take care of you.

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